Sunday Morning Coffee - April 10, 2011
Sunday Morning Coffee - April 17, 2011

Great Idea - Nowhere To Go

It happens nearly every week.  A person with an idea calls to pitch their new product orDoor Knocking service to us and "pick our brain" to see if we think it's valid and can make money.  We're grateful for the calls and visits because we learn so much.  Here is a short list of what we've found out:

  • The Vast Majority Have No Concept of Marketing Costs - We suspect that's why they want to visit, after all we are an advertising agency.  We're the folks who create "stuff" that entices you to buy their "stuff".  But once we get to the "Marketing/Advertising Budget" portion of the conversation people are surprised that it costs money to make money.  "Well, to make your 'thing-a-mah-jig" you have raw materials cost, right?"  It's that way in marketing your 'thing-a-mah-jig' you will have some hard costs from logos to signs to websites to....and the list can get long.
  • Website Indifference - When we discuss websites so many think all they need is an "on-line brochure".  For some...that might work.  But, when you realized that 98% of the people who shop for "stuff" go to the Internet first.  The site had best be...good.  Maybe not GREAT least interesting, inviting, engaging and informative.
  • Build It & They Will Come - That works really well in Dyersville, Iowa and the movies. (Their website could use some help....)  The Field of Dreams cost....millions back in 1989.  Building a ball field in the middle of a corn field works but not without...promotion.  In this case millions.  At the very least there will be costs for your...sign.
  • Understanding the Demographic Scope - HUH?  I know.  The question we often ask is, "So, WHO will use your product/service and where are they?"  That often brings up an "Ah-Ha Moment".
  • How About That Social Media Stuff - It's great.  However so many people have taken the "bait" and believe all you need to do is open up a Facebook Page and your advertising/marketing investment is over.  What is worse, like some media outlets, they see social media as just another broadcast vehicle...which it is...not.

It's a short list...but, for the most part, it's what we hear time after time.  We're happy to help and later today (April 14) I'll share why during the Insight on Business News Hour on the Webcast One LIVE Network...  It's at Noon.

Thanks for coming by.  You can continue the conversation here with a comment, let's connect on Twitter @InsightADV, drop me an e-mail  Have a great day.