Sunday Morning Coffee - April 3, 2011
When Policy Trumps Common Sense

"I don't have the time."

Yesterday I was visiting with a talk show host from a local radio station.Old Radio   He's a pretty hip guy but was lamenting the fact that he wanted to boost his listener numbers but had not been successful in his marketing efforts.  I asked him, "Do you do a daily blog about your show?"

"No, I just don't have the time.  But I do a weekly e-mail blast to about 400 people from my e-mail list."

Time for class.

Congratulations that he is using some form of outreach to his dedicated fans or people he knows.  But there is one small problem, if his goal is to increase listeners he...isn't.  It's the same people...over and over again.  Sure, somebody in that group might (might) forward the e-mail to one of their friends...but it does not help him get others.

Man Exclaim By sitting down for thirty minutes and doing a blog post, with images, about the topic of the day.  Having links out to his sponsors and some of the background material he boosts not only his value...but now he can be found by others interested in the same topics.

And, because it's short, he is NOT writing all of his comments about the topic or topics...just a tease...people will listen and connect.  Then...if he's really into it.  He will post, on the same or an additional blog, the mp3 of the show...or at least a link back to the station so people can download the podcast and listen when they have the time.

Now he has done four major things in just a few moments:

  • Increased his value to his advertisers;
  • Increased the awareness of the topics he is passionate about;
  • Increased the chance of "findability" of his live program;
  • Given more life to his show by providing a podcast.

But...he doesn't have the time.

Here is how it's done...if you want to look.

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