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Sunday Morning Coffee - April 10, 2011

It's like a conversation between friends at the local coffee shop.  It'sCoffee Cu ps  about the stuff we've seen and heard and some personal reflections.  It's what we would talk about if we got together over Sunday Morning Coffee.

It's Been An Odd Week

I did two things this past week that just felt...for lack of a better word...odd.  On Wednesday I went to a church to deliver something for a friend.  It was creepy.   While it's not creepy for those of you who do go to church it is creepy for a Jewish guy.  The people were nice, the place was clean.  It just felt...odd.

Late on Friday afternoon I went to a Reform Temple.  When the Board Temple DSM at my home congregation fired my rabbi and then took a fellow member to small claims court.  I quit.  I can't be around such evil.  So, since February I haven't been back to a place that I frequented every day for...years.  My friend Rabbi David Kaufman at Temple B'nai Jeshurun knew the story and has asked several times if I'd like to go to his place of worship.  I did.  It was...odd.  Nice...but so very different.  What I did find enduring was the text message and private Facebook Message I picked up Saturday Night, "Nice to see you Michael, thanks for coming." - David.  That wasn't odd...it was thoughtful.  Thank you.

Two Tales Of Crazy

Last week two people were killed in the line of duty...in Iowa.  Sheriff Deputy Eric Stein was killed while doing his job in Keokuk County, Iowa.  While lying on the ground bleeding out from a head wound he radioed his fellow officers to stay back until more help arrived.  Here is the story from the Des Moines Register.

Last week a real estate sales person, Ashley Okland was gunned down while she was in a model home in West Des Moines.  Shot twice in the middle of the afternoon, in the middle of a housing area...there are no suspects and police say there are no leads.  Here is that story, also from the Des Moines Register.   Two tales of...crazy.  Sad.

The Birds Have ItDecorah-Eagles

And, everybody seems to be talking about it.  "It" is the "Eagle Cam" in Decorah, Iowa that is trained on the pair of American Bald Eagles and their three babies hatched over the past week.  Over 30 million views have been recorded on the live, Livestream feed.  Here is the link. As many as 100,000 people are watching live at any given time.  Our friend Kyle Munson traveled to Decorah to take some photos and write this story for the Des Moines Register...neat.

Speaking of Livestream...

Cage fighting Last night Webcast One LIVE a network of several daily shows from lifestyle to business (It's the network where you can see Insight on Business News Hour with Michael Libbie, Monday - Thursday), took on something new as they featured, live, cage fighting from an arena in Des Moines.  There were a few technical issues and before another event like this is done...somebody needs to have a workable plan in place.  But, it was fun.  People from all over the country came by to watch.  Nice job....

Speaking of Webcast One LIVE

This past week we played host to the Urbandale Chamber of Commerce at our studios.  Maybe thirty people came to see what it is we do and how we get thousands to watch and listen to our various programs.  It was a neat event.  Here is a short video clip:


And...Then There Was This:Tiffany MPL April 2011 DM Register   

I even got my photo with the Executive Director of the Urbandale Group.  In the background you can see Len Twaroski...cheering?   It took lots and lots of begging and pleading to get this photo.  Not really...but she really is great at what she does for her communityMissouri Rest Stop 1 Thanks Tiffany. Go ahead, click on the photo to enlarge.

Missouri Knows - Rest Stops

More correctly, "Missouri Knows Rest Stop - Art".  Just over the Iowa State Line, on the west side of I-35Missouri Rest Stop 2  is a rest stop with some fantastic artwork.  It's made up of over 600,000 piece of glass tile and tells the "Missouri Story".  I found a bit more about the place from "Take BetsyWithYou" a travel blog by..."Betsy" who writes about her travels and offers up some tips.  Fun blog...

Parallel Universe

I wrote and talked about this last week after traveling to Ames to give a seminar on advertising and marketing to the American Institute of Architects - Iowa Chapter. During the event I mentioned three Des Moines startups.  They had not heard of any.  I often think I live in a parallel universe where there is so much going on but others have little to no knowledge.  So...here:

  • Dwolla - It's a company that allows you to pay for or transfer money between users for a fee of twenty-five cents per transaction.  Not a big deal if you're selling thirty $5.00 lattes in a week and you don't mind paying the two - four percent to the credit card folks.  But...if you sell 500 in a week?  Or...selling $10,000 worth of product and you take credit cards?   That...is big money....saved.
  • VineMe - Ever wonder what it might be like to see where your photos...go?  Or what "vine" you create with the people, places and things in your photos?  That's VineMe.  Fun stuff...and launched just last week.
  • FlareCaster - With over 40% of homes now using cell phonesand haveing no land-lines, 911 calls get complicated.  In an example from last week a woman from Ankeny, Iowa called 911 and the responder had to ask the address from where she was calling.   What if...you had a phone application that pinpointed your location and also sent out a text message to your family and law-enforcement...instantly when you needed help.

There you go...doing my duty and helping out.  And imagine, those are just three examples of things going on in this Parallel Universe we live in.

Biggest PR Blunder Since the Iowa Ag Protection Bill

Childtime This past week Childtime Learning Center based in Ankeny, Iowa with national headquarters in Michigan fired a 20 year employee because she did not follow policy.  Did she endanger a child?  No.  Did she steal money?  Not really.  She did allow a young child, whose mother was critically injured in a crash that also claimed the life of his brother and sister, to stay at the center for ten months...free.  It was against the company policy...but seriously?  Handled badly...  Here is the story we had this past week.

I Think I'm Making Headway - Part OneMom and Aaron

We've been trying for three years to get my Mother to move to Des Moines.  She will be 91 in June and has recently had a couple of issues.  Because she lives 15 hours away in Michigan...it's not easy to help out or be with her on a regular basis.  She's got several great-grandchildren she's never seen....it's time.  And, I just might get this done.  I know...there are thousands of you in this same boat.  Wanting to celebrate our parents independence but at the same time...  (Photo son Aaron with his Grandmother.)

I Think I'm Making Headway - Part Two

My BFF Chris Hagenow (R-Windsor Heights) found my letter from early March and responded suggesting that the Iowa Senate must have made a mistake when they passed a resolution allowing over 7,000 Iowans to have their unemployment benefits extended by accepting over $14 million in federal funds.   "We didn't qualify.", is the answer I get.   So, my follow up to Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal is,  "Why would the Iowa Senate attempt to commit fraud on the federal government by passing the resolution?"  I'll keep you in the loop.

Sun Is UP....Finally!

OK...gotta roll.  Hope you have a fantastic Sunday.  Let's keep the conversation going?  You can leave a comment here (below), follow me on Twitter - @MichaelLibbie, head to my personal Facebook Page, send me an e-mail or...come by the live show tomorrow.  Insight on Business News Hour is on at Noon Central here at Webcast One LIVE.  Have a great Sunday!