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Sunday Morning Coffee - April 17, 2011

It's sort of like a chat between friends over at the coffee shop.  You knowCoffee Cu ps  the stuff that's been going on and a look ahead.  We'll get back to business tomorrow with Insight on Business News Hour...but for now, let's visit over a hot cup of Sunday Morning Coffee.

Confirmed - Upmeyer Diddled - Iowans Lose

This week we did some digging around and found out that my BFF, State Representative Chris Hagenow, who represents me and the two other Democrats in Windsor Heights, was telling the truth.  So was House Speaker Kraig Paulsen when he sent me Linda Upmeyer a terse three word answer ("We didn't qualify.") to my question as to why the Iowa House failed to secure over $14 million in federal funding to help extend unemployment benefits for over 7,000 Iowans.  It seems, we are told, that House Majority Leader, Linda Upmeyer failed to get around to placing the Senate passed measure on the House Calendar until...AFTER Iowa no longer qualified.  Major fail and Iowans lost.  Nice going.  I can not wait until campaign season.  Or has it started?

Confirmed - I'm An Old Geezer

My backyard is a wild bird haven.  I've set up feeding stations, boughtBirdHouse  feed, feeders, have cut up apples, defrosted berries, have a heated water bowl and been reading about...birds.  It's sort of like being back on the farm...but with less manure.   It is a sign, I fear, that I have become just like great uncle Mort.  So, when my birthday came around last week one of my grand-daughters knew just what to make.  She is even responsible for the phychedelic paint job.  Thanks Jovie.

Vilsack vs. King for Congress?

Christie Vilsack This morning I was reading a piece from my friends at Bleeding Heartland and a report that former Iowa First Lady Christie Vilsack may be eyeing a congressional seat.  That is a given.  The article dismisses a report that she will run against Congressman Steve King and will instead force a primary between herself and Congressman Dave Loeback in the new 2nd District. (Iowa had five congressional districts but due to population issues lost a seat and the map had to be redrawn.)  I think the Vilsack vs. Kingrace will happen and told you that on February 20 after I visited with Mrs. Vilsach at a function in Guthrie CountyHere is that story from Sunday Morning Coffee.  She's got the right stuff to challenge King  Watch.

The Change in Roles

When our son was growing up I spent a bunch of time traveling for work.MeRulon2   I've crisscrossed the country and saw lots of things and met some interesting people along the way.  (Here's a photo of me and Rulon Gardner from our trip to Denver or Madison...when we were younger...and not needing The Biggest Loser.)  Anyway, Aaron is traveling this week to Seattle leaving his wife and daughter home for a couple of days.  I stopped and thought about that.  Don't stay too long son.  She'll be in college soon.

The Reward is $66,785

Ashley-Okland Back on April 8th Ashley Okland, a 27 year-old real estate agent for Iowa Realty, was shot and killed while working in a model home in West Des Moines.  She was buried this past week.  The West Des Moines Police, yesterday, announced the reward is now set at $66,785 up from $23,700.  That tells us that, at this point, they have a cold case and it has lots of people worried. It's something that doesn't happen in West Des Moines and it also highlights the dangers of real estate work.  If you've got information: or 515-222-3344.

Guess You've Heard About...Simon?Simon

1040 WHO Radio (The Tea Party Express) has a new afternoon talker.  It's Simon from American Idol!  He gave up that posh job to travel all the way to the Midwest to do talk radio.  How cool is that?   A REAL celebrity doing work here in Des Moines!  Oh...wait. Hold on.  It's NOT THAT Simon.  It's Simon Conway, a real estate salesman from Florida, who has decided to ply his "The Sky is Falling" trade in the Heartland just like Steve Deace before him.  Expect less "Bible Thumping"...but more doom and gloom.   Note to Simon:  There are only two places in the Metro with palm trees...and I don't think either are for sale.


Now that the weather has warmed up to a balmy fifty degrees. (Some home opener for the Iowa Cubs. & Note to Simon:  Yes, 50.) it's time to check the outside project list.  YIKES!!  What the hell have I been doing all winter?  The list my bride has for me gets longer by the day.  Suspect the same with you?

Passover Starts Monday Night

Round Matzah Lots of my Christian friends have been planning for Passover.  It's a trend that has been growing over the past twenty years.  They will put some things on a plate, get some of "...them Jewish Crackers" (matzah) and have a seder sometime during the week.  I get the connection...sort of.  For those of us who will be celebrating for the entire holiday it's a "no bread...big prayer week" with lots of work getting the house spotless...and without leaven.  Today the ovens get cleaned...bigAmerican Atheists Spring 2011  time.  One more thing:  The American Atheistsare in town for their national meeting.  I'd go...but it's on Shabbat.  (Wonder where Dave Silverman, their national leader, had his Bar Mitzvah?)  Anyway, Dave gets out of cleaning this weekend.  No doubt you've seen the billboards...witty.

Finally, There Is This - McGee & Branstad

Isaiah_mcgee I know Isaiah McGee to be a nice guy.  I know Terry Branstad to be a seasoned politician.  Was Isaiah qualified to be the head of the Department of Human Rights?  I think so.  Did Governor Branstad, when the tough go going, throw Isaiah under the "Golden Bus"?  Here's an interesting read from Under the Golden Dome.  Makes you think.

With all the work ahead...gotta go!  Thanks for coming by.  If you would like to connect and keep the conversation going you can leave a comment below, follow me on Twitter @MichaelLibbie or my personal Facebook Page.  We're back tomorrow (for a short week) of Insight on Business News Hour part of the Webcast One LIVE Network.  Tomorrow it's the Metro Monday Edition with guests:  Des Moines native Marc Daniels (who has now gone international) with Weed Out Hate and Jeremiah Terhark from the new startup, DSM Daily.  I don't get to go to the Launch Party at Bombay Bicycle Club tomorrow night.  Passover you know...  Have a great Sunday!  Catch you tomorrow.