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Sunday Morning Coffee - April 24, 2011

It's like sitting down over a cup of coffee talking about some things ofCoffee Cu ps  interest and (perhaps) importance.  We'll have a little gossip, some politics, some business, some fun and you're invited.  Feel free to respond below, send me an e-mail, follow me on Twitter or head to my personal Facebook Page.  Lot's of ways to carry on the conversation.  Let's go:

Tin Hat Stories from the Iowa House of Representatives

Last week five of the more "colorful characters" in the Iowa Legislature, Tom Shaw (R-Laurens), Kim Pearson (R-Pleasant Hill), Betty De Boef (R-What Cheer), Dwayne Alons (R-Hull) and Glenn Massie (R-Des Moines) appear to believe the "Steve Deace Press Releases" that the Iowa Woman Tin Hat Supreme Court somehow overstepped their authority in saying discrimination is against the Iowa Constitution.  Civics lesson kids....  Interestingly one of my best friends House Majority Leader, Kraig "We Didn't Qualify!" Paulsen (R- Hiawatha) said the resolution calling for the impeachment of four Iowa Supreme Court Justices won't see the light of day.  But, make no mistake, Paulsen and his friend Richard "What about polygamists?" Anderson (R-Clarinda) ) may find another way to make this work.  Here is the latest from our friends at the Des Moines Register.

I've been following the votes of Chris "We didn't qualify!" Hagenow (R-Windsor Heights) with some interest.  It might be old news but I am fastinated with his vote to cut pre-school education and to deny future funding for Iowa Public Schools.  He represents me and the other two Democrats here in "The Village" of Windsor Heights and I just wanted him to know it's disappointing.

OK, Enough Politics!  Let's Move On To Something FUN!

There is sun shining now in Western Iowa.  A gentle breeze and a warmth being spread across a giant portion of our great state that will make those folks in Carroll, Fort Dodge, Sioux City and Sidney a reason to smile again.  A reason to wake up and feel as though they too are part of this great nation.  I am happy for them and for my new favorite city, Ames.  Ok, now I'm really done with politics...but that was fun.

Using Twitter for Business - You Do...Right?

Twitterflyer-001 Last week I had the pleasure to do a seminar for some small business owners on the value of Twitter for Business.  We think it's an amazing tool to not only share what is on your mind but also connect with consumers and learn what is on the top of their minds.  We're with Gary Vaynerchuk when he says, "Twitter search is one of the most powerful consumer learning devices on the planet."  He's right and as a holiday weekend gift.  Here is the Twitter for Business handout.  Hope it helps and if you want to download or have a better view, just click on the image.  One more thing, here is Gary talking with Piers Morgan about why Twitter is so powerful as a listening post.


Thought you might like that.

It's the Easter Weekend and The Atheists Are In Town

They tell us that it not to provoke Christians...being in town and makingAmerican Atheist Logo  a big deal of it over the Easter Weekend.  But...it is.  You and I both know it.  To say it was only because they got "great room rates" is being a little disingenuous at best.  It did, however, get them more press than had they been in Des Moines two weeks ago.  But, it was fun having them here.  I always get a chuckle when people try to convert others to their belief and yet know so very little about it.  And this is their logo?  Come on guys...you can do better.  Need help? 

We hope you had/have a wonderful and meaningful Easter Holiday!  One thing:  Can somebody explain to me what a "Bunny" has to do with the most significant Christian Holiday on the calendar?  Just asking because...it's odd.

Happy Passover from Mason City, Iowa

This week has also been Passover.  One of my favorite holidays because of the very powerful message of freedom AND it usually means "Spring".  Except this year.  Here's a very quick video from the Adas Israel Community Seder one of only a dozen Jewish Congregations in Iowa.


Chag Sameach!  Passover concludes after nightfall on the 26th.  If you are interested here is the Facebook Page for Adas Israel, Mason City, Iowa.

We're Excited!

One of our clients, even though they have been working their huge plant 24/7 since Fall, just announced that unless folks have pre-paid orders they won't be able to take any new customers until production increases which is expected to happen yet this summer.  Very nice!  What did they do different?  They continued R&D and Marketing right on through the recession without missing a beat.  While others were running for the woods they were hiring and building market share.   Just sharing with you.

Major Changes Coming to the Webcast One LIVE NetworkWebCastOneLive image web

I can't say too much but it looks like a couple of new personalities will be joining the Webcast One LIVE platform next month.  One of those names is listed above.  No it's not Piers...yet.

We Found This Story Shocking...

In Iowa we have medical facilities, treating and caring for some of the most vunerable humans, inspected (are you ready for this?) once in twenty-years.  That is not a typo.  Having some experience in long term care I was shocked by this story coming out of the Des Moines Register telling us that hospice providers are inspected by the state only once every two decades.  In the story, by Clark Kauffman, you'll find some Rod-roberts-300x210 other interesting details.  Wait...let me think back...it's coming to me...who is in charge of the Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals who, because the Sky is Falling in Iowa, reduced inspection staff by nearly 25% to save $125,000?   Wait...hold on..I'll remember!  Rod "Gotta Make Cuts" Roberts the guy with zero professional experience in health care who suggests that it's better to be more "friendly" to health care providers and let the market fix itself. But then he is taking marching orders from his buddy Governor "For Life" Terry Branstad.  WAIT!  I said NO MORE POLITICS!  This isn't...it's common sense.  The two have very little in common.

On That Happy Note - Thank You!

Thanks for coming by for a sip of Sunday Morning Coffee.  Hope you've learned something and maybe even got mad...or at least irritated.  Just a little. If you want to carry on the conversation...love to.  We're back to business tomorrow with the Insight on Business News Hour - Metro Monday Edition with our guest John Garvey from Proxymity.  Have a fantastic Sunday!