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Sunday Morning Coffee - April 3, 2011

Not much business, we'll get back to that tomorrow.  Today we'll sitCoffee Cu ps  around and visit about some of the things that went on on our world.  Often not too most things...just a smattering of stories that we might talk about at the cafe or coffee shop.  And, because it's a conversation, feel free to leave me a comment below, head to Twitter @MichaelLibbie, send me an e-mail, go to my Facebook Page Thingy or, like Chris Hagenow of the Iowa Legislature...ignore me.  We'll get to that in a minute.

I Once Smoked...

I did.  At the height of my "smoking days" I might have been a "two-pack-a-day-guy".  Of course most of those burned up in the ash-tray at CoffeeMate amearetto the studio.  I didn't quit for health reasons.  It was all economics.   I walked into the gas station and said to Mick, "Give me a pack of Marlboro's."  Mick said, "Sure Lib.  That'll be forty-five cents."  Me:  "FORTY-FIVE CENTS?!?!??"  I quit that day.  Now it's the same with Coffee-Mate.  It was the same conversation...but this time with my friend Curt over at the Urbandale Hy-Vee.  Coffee-Mate in the almond "on sale" for $2.50 a container.  Last year the sale price was $1.98.  Done.

Who Was It That Said...

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result."  Some folks suggest the quote came from Albert Einstein.  My friend Matt Schultz, the current Iowa Secretary of State, seems not toMatt Schultz Flicker  think much about the quote message.  He's on a mission to get legislation passed that would require photo ID for voting.  Never mind that county auditors...the majority from his GOP affiliation...say it's not needed and would be a waste of tax dollars.  Never mind that there are no criminal records, that we could find, relating to massive voter fraud in Iowa.  Yet, Matt is traveling the state banging a well worn drum.  Matt, come back to Des Moines and do your've got a really nice office and everything. (Image - Flicker - Gage Skidmore)

It Was Our Anniversary This Weekend

It's very cool.  We spent the entire day together.  Sharing stories and visiting.  Dreamlike.  I am not saying anything more because my Bride asked me not to.    

It's About JOBS!

Electrolux_logo1The Electrolux Plant in Webster City closed, for good, last week.  Five-Hundred people in that small Iowa town are without, what were, great manufacturing jobs.  The jobs went to Mexico.  Nice.  Are you doing the math?  "I'm here to create 200,000 jobs in Iowa."  But, wait!  Before we do that, Iowa needs to be fixed.  We have an oppressive anti-business climate here.  That's why Cargill purchased the idle ethanol facility in Fort Dodge.  That's why Flexsteel just announced their new $12 million corporate HQ will be built in Dubuque. (If we give them government funding first.)  Grumble...  Anyway now that workers will be paid $10 a day in Mexico I might be able to afford something made with the Electrolux brand.   NOT!

Hippies Decend on Des Moines! 

Well, not quite.  This weekend is the Natural Living Expo at the PolkRecycleMe  County Convention Center.   Thousands who are seeking something different in the way they take care of themselves, their children and the planet are gathering for two days of displays and seminars.  It's FREE...and rolls through today until 4PM.  Here is the interesting thing...the people going to the expo are off all different ages and backgrounds and economic interests...the one thing that seems to link them is pets and kids.  The concern is how to live better and protect...them.  Photo - ReCycleMeIowa

Atheists Descend on Des Moines!

American Atheists Spring 2011 Looks like we have lots of folks descending these days.  (Along with Terry, "Governor for Life" Branstad's poll numbers.)  We doubt he'll give an official welcome to the American Atheists National Convention headed this way three days after Passover starts and during the Easter WeekendDavid "I Wonder Where He Celebrated His Bar Mitzvah" Silverman president of the American Atheists, said last week on the Bradshaw Show (98.3 - WOW-FM) that it's not a slap to religion as much as it is a great time to getBradshaw Expo 2011  "cheap hotel rooms".  That might not be the same sentiment their new billboards share.  Several have sprung up in Des Moines ahead of the welcome  party.  Bother you?  Not me.

Speaking of Bradshaw...we saw him WORKING.  Yes, this is not an altered photo.   JOBS!!!!

Me?  I'm Supporting Michele Bachmann for President

I came out of the closet last Friday at the monthly gathering of the Central Iowa Bloggers.  I announced on Bachmann Twitter, and in person, my choice for president of the United States is Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann.  I have started my own exploratory committee (small but vocal).  It's "Bachman-2012 - Our Michele is hotter than your Michelle".  So far I've been able to identify one other supporter.  My good friend Justin Brady and I gave each other "knucks" and sealed the deal.  Looking forward to seeing more of "Our Michele" here in Iowa.  Whoot!


Make It A Crime to Report A Crime

Pig The Ag Protection Bill is still stalled in the Iowa Senate.  In case you had not heard its the latest in a string of "head scratches" coming from my friends in agriculture.  Rather than work the system...let's just make whistle blowing in Iowa a crime.   And...while we're at it...let's move the oversight of water quality out of the Department of Natural Resources and into the Iowa Department of Agriculture.  It all makes sense when you think about it.  It's...JOBS!  (Well maybe not...but that's the tag line I'm giving everything that I don't's easier that way.)

Uhm...See This?

While we in Iowa fiddle around playing nice those pesky Commies in Wisconsin have rounded up enough signatures to hold one of several re-call elections which may doom the "Governor Scott Walker Express".    And, can you believe it?  They are raising funds by asking for only $7.00! 


Seven Dollars!  We in the Chamber of Commerce and Farm Bureau scoff at your tiny attempt to facilitate change.  JOBS!!!

And Finally...

I thought we had a thing going.  I moved from the sprawling city of Urbandale to the tiny "village" of Windsor Heights where we're a close family of about 4,500 folks.  Neighbors who know neighbors.  We have a nifty 4th of July Parade and...everything.  In Urbandale my legislativeHagnow  friends were Brad Zaun and Scott Raecker.  I see them often at the Urbandale Chamber of Commerece events and at election time their signs dot the landscape.  So, I move to Windsor Heights where my new Iowa House Member is Chris Hagenow.  A bright young man who has my interests at heart.  Chris must need a secretary or administrative assistant to help him keep up with the 4,500 folks in "The Village" of Windsor Heights.  You see, I wrote Chris a letter nearly two weeks ago asking a simple question.  I thought he might answer by letter or by a phone call e-mail.  Nothing...nada.  I'm sure I'll hear from Chris as we move closer to election season.  Must be...JOBS!!!! 

OK...that's the end of this snarky edition.  I sure am glad I don't do politics the other six days of the week.  I don't know...guess I'm just grumpy this morning.  Have a fantastic Sunday...  If you, not you David, but if you do.  Lots of things to focus on.  Stay safe...