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Sunday Morning Coffee - April 3, 2011

Video & Bloopers = Being Real

Over the years we've encouraged our clients to use more video onVideo Crew  their websites.  It makes the content more informative and opens their marketing channels to into other web areas such as YouTube. (The second largest search engine on the planet.)

Here is a video we shot in Kansas and Iowa for our client Running Horse Feeds.  The purpose here isn't to blog about a customer as much as it is to make a point.  Here is the first video:


Not bad...it gives an overview of the company and links them to world famous trainer Craig Cameron.

And then, there was this.  Using a Flip Cam we shot some video while we were shooting video.   We placed this on our client's web site BEFORE we posted the finished product.  Loads of views.


Consumers like the back-story sometimes more than the slick produced piece.  It's called being human and transparent.  Something to keep in mind when you're planning your next marketing adventure?




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