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Sunday Morning Coffee - April 10, 2011

When Policy Trumps Common Sense

This past week during the Insight on Business News Hour we had a segment on "Nine Ways to Drive Consumers to the Competition"  One of those example was to make sure your company focuses on "Policy over Satisfaction".  You know, "I'm sorry but our policy doesn't allow, blah, blah, blah."

This only works is if you are a monopoly or a government official.  Sort of the same thing.

It doesn't work so well with...child care.Man odd

Yesterday a story broke on MSNBCabout a Des Moines Area child care center called Childtime Learning Center.  It's owned by a corporate day care company out of Michigan.  The short story is Shelly Huss, the manager manager of the local Ankeny, Iowa property, who has been on the job for twenty years, asked if the facility could care for a young child who lost both of his siblings from a horrific car accident.  And whose mother was disabled.  Corporate said, "Sure, we'll care for him for a week."  The manager ignored the rule and allowed the child to stay.  Here is the full story from MSNBC and local TV - KCCI-TV8.

ChildTime LOGO Bottom line Childtime Learning Center fired Ms. Huss saying that the policy was not followed.  No matter that some good was being done.  Some of my friends feel the firing was correct.  After all she was playing with company income.  However where the break down happened long before when POLICY said...a week.

I suspect there are other day care providers in Ankeny...and I suspect Ms. Huss will find employment and parents will find alternatives to...policy.  For some iteresting reading here is the Facebook Page for Childtime.

Not a good time to...anger consumers.

Where do you sit on this one?