Sunday Morning Coffee - May 15, 2011
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How Much For A Logo?

The other day I had a perspective client ask me, "How much would itMan Question  cost for your agency to design a logo for us?"  I didn't have an answer.  A good answer...why?

Because creating a great logo isn't like buying something off the rack.   Here's why:

Before we even put "pen to paper" in the design phase it takes loads of time to get to know the business we're working for:

  • Who are the current customers;
  • Who are the future customers;
  • What is the business culture;
  • What professional "silo" is the business in;
  • What is their competition like;
  • What differences does this business bring to the consumer;
  • What is the "voice" of the business;
  • Local, Regional, National...

All of that...before we start the sketch process. Before we meet with creative.  Then comes the design process, the different colors, looks, ideas, structure.  Then comes the changes (We've NEVER hit on the first time...well maybe once.)  Then comes the use.  Where does it go?  What are the best uses for the logo?  How can we creatively build it into structures/signs/web?

The end result is a thoughtful design that lives for a very long time, matches the company culture and the consumers expectation of the brand. much is that worth?

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