Social Media Garbage
Sunday Morning Coffee - May 15, 2011

If Content Is King...

If Content is King how come we don't see more original content onKing Statue  social media?  And, if Content is King how come, when a business throws out their business blog it's often a re-hash of link-outs to...other content.

Got...Original Content?

I can understand that some folks can't blog EVERYDAY for their business. I get that.  Sometimes folks just don't know what to write about or they write everything in their first business blog of the week and have nothing left to say.  So, they take somebodies business blog, write a couple of lines and at the end:  "We agree and here at the Self Weasel Winding Torque Inducer Company we do the same thing."

Facebook Is The Worst

I'll see post after post of content that is nothing more than copy, paste.  Not even a line or two...first...about how the person/business feels about the subject or how it impacts them or their business.

How To Do Better:

You would be surprised at how much you've got to say, in short bursts, about your business.  How you've won the day with customer service.  How you went out of the way to accommodate a request.  How you made a major blunder and found a creative way to fix it so it would not happen again.  It's the stuff people want to know about because it happens to all of us and we want to know what goes on...behind to curtain.  Are you...real?

Keep a log and write about what you see, what makes a difference to you and your customer.  Then...put it at the start of the blog.  If you want to link out to another who makes the same it at the end.  That way you are not only being're also paying yourself...first.

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