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Sunday Morning Coffee - May 29, 2011

It's like a visit between friends over coffee.  Some politics, gossip,Coffee Cu ps  business and opinion.  Just like we would at the cafe.  And, because it's a conversation, feel free to leave me a comment here, send me an e-mail, let's connect on Twitter @MichaelLibbie or here's my personal Facebook Page.  Grab a cup and let's go...

Had to switch my "mobile office" from Burger King in Indian River to McDonalds...better connection.  Just saying...if McDonalds Indian Riveryou're ever up here.  By the way...if you want to view a photo, just click.  They get larger...whoot!

In Search of Liberal Media

I traveled last week to Michigan for a visit with my Mother.  Along the way I listened to AM Radio.  For over 13 hours I heard some of the most vile descriptions of the President of the United States.  "Commie", "Socialist", "Enemy of the State", "Idiot".  In addition nearly every time these national talk show hosts opened their mouths they shouted, whinnied or bellowed about "The Liberal Media".  Where is it?  Go ahead...spend some time in a vehicle and force yourself to listen to AM Radio.  Where is it?  I didn't hear it.  Another myth my friends...that for some reason sticks.  Maybe that is the real question....why do some folks believe this stuff?

Bye Bye High Speed Rail

It looks as if Iowa will turn it's back on the future and the ability to connect with business and trade centers in the midwest while continuing to push the use of high priced fuel.  Governor "For Life"Terry Branstad, who continues to govern as if it were 1985, said last week he is going to leave the issue up to the Iowa House and Senate.  He really means the Iowa House where House Majority Leader Kraig "We Don't Qualify" Paulsen has said it ain't gonna happen.  Meanwhile Michigan and Illinois are moving ahead.  But, why bother.  Back in 1985, our current point of reference, the transportation costs were much less.  No way they will continue to increase. Want the real shock?  Look WHO is for this progressive, commie idea:  The CHAMBER?  Here's a story from Bleeding Heartland.  Weary...  Let's move on to more fun things...

Outrageous Beatings of Children with a Hockey Stick!

That's the way Faux Newsintroduced a recent segment about the controversy taking place in Mount Vernon, Iowa.  Not...  Dee Moinez as the "anchor" reported.  Here is the piece from Juice Magazine with the full story.  I'm thinking I should mention my 7th Grade teacher Mr. Peterson who, on the final day of school asked if there was anyone in his study hall that he had NOT paddled during the year.  I must have been distracted by Lynette Livers (my flame at the time) and put my hand up.  Mr. Peterson gave me three "whacks" with his paddle.  Traumatized.. sure.

Been to a Family Dollar Store Lately?Dollar Store

Me either.  Then the other day had to run out and get something and went by this Family Dollar Store in Indian River.  They've got...everything!  Or seem to.  From groceries to hardware...reminded me of the old general store.  Asked Mom if she ever goes.  She said, "Yes...but you've got to watch those prices." 

Mom Casino May 2011 Mom tends to watch all the prices...unless she's saddled up to the slot machines at the nearby casino.  The other day we were there...she had a medical appointment and that always means a mid-afternoon run to the Odawa Casino in Petoskey.  Which, in turn, means she is supporting the Tribal Council and lifestyle there.  There goes the inhearatance.  

Memorial Day BBQ Costs MoreAaron Cooking burgers Moms

The spike in fuel prices has also taken a bite out of the traditional family cook-out.  Mail Online shares has the story on the 29% increase in costs...before drinks.  An outing for a dozen people will set you back about $199 or $45 more than last year.  I'm sure you've seen your income increase by twenty to thirty percent...

Morning on Burt Lake

Just a shout out from the lake here in Indian River.  We're not familiar with lakes...big lakes...all over the place back in Iowa.  Thought you might like to take a look... 

Speaking of Indian River and Burt Lake

Here's a quick video that I did last year.  Seems it's made the rounds here in Northern Michigan.  Last night I walked into the local Party Store and "Stormy" asked how things were going.  She was one of the features from last year.


Yep...a place that sells Beer, Liquor, Guns and Porn...all in one location.  Just another tourist destination.  ;-)Stormey Indian River

That's it...gotta go.  It's a busy Sunday in the North.  Mom has a large list of projects and we're doing a video today for the real estate folks.  Gotta market you know.

Thanks for coming by...and have a neat Sunday...  Remember, Memorial Day isn't a day to celebrate with BIG SALES is a day set aside to honor...and remember.  - Michael





Social Media - Love/Hate Relationship

Coming up tomorrow afternoon at the Des Moines Social Club is a seriesSocial Media Images  of talks on the Business Side of Social Media.  You know the stuff we love and hate at the same time.  I had planned on being there to present but a last minute trip to see my 91 year old mother came up.  So...the choice was easy.

I'm really sorry that I'll not be there with you because I know, if you've been on the fence with your business and social media, you'll have loads of questions.  The good news is you'll be in great hands.  Why?  Because some of my best friends will be presenting and they are sharp:

Just remember...that while we engage in social media and we support social media and we have our clients use social media is NOT the magic bullet that will solve all of your marketing issues.  It is just ONE of the tools in your marketing/advertising tool box.  Oh...and it

Have a great more thing:  It's not free.  Cost is $10 at the door or $7 for students.  Hey, it's a fund raising ideafor the Des Moines Social Club at 400 Walnut. The event starts at 3PM. Tip of the hat to Laura Gaulke who has been working the media on this project.



Sunday Morning Coffee - May 22, 2011

Some gossip, some politics, some religion, some business, someCoffee Cu ps's all part of Sunday Morning Coffee a conversation between friends about what's been going on and a peek into the next week.  So, if you're still here, my Non-Rapture Friends, grab a cup and let's go...

As Raptures Go - That Was A Dud

They say there are two things we should never discuss:  Politics & Religion.  The reason?  Most folks know little about each.  They make up their minds on politics or religion based on emotionMan Rapture So...when one questions a particular stand we're "attacking" their heart...not their mind.  That's why folks seem to get all riled up.  With that in mind, "What the hell were they thinking?"  Hundreds of people, followers of retired engineer Harold Camping, sold their stuff and went into the streets proclaiming the "End of Times" and that "The Rapture" would occur yesterday at 6:00PM.  Some pastors have it right, talk like this does de-legitimize Christianity and, for Christians, that's tough to take.  I'll bet the sermons today just might make mention of this...  What do you think?

Endangered Species List - Flashlight Bulbs

I've got a flashlight with a bulb.  Last week, during one of theRyobi Bulb  seemingly endless number of projects I get to do here at "The Money Pit" I knocked over the Ryobi Flashlight and the bulb broke.  I went to Home Despot, who stocks Ryobi stuff, and they don't have, Target doesn't have, Hy-Vee doesn't have, Kum & Go doesn't have.  Does this mean I have to go buy a new flashlight, remove the light bulb and take back my purchase for a refund?  That's not right...but?  Suggestions?  BTW:  Looks like I'm not the only one confused by the lack of supply.  One guy says it might take "several birthdays" to find one.  Yikes.

What's Chris Up To?

I'd share what my BFF Iowa House Member Chris Hagenow (R-Windsor Heights) has been up to but...I don't know.  This morning I thought I'd poke around looking for updates to his blog, website, newsletter.  Nada.  Nothing.  Unless I'm looking in the wrong places with a search for Chris Hagenow?  Chris?  While Chris is absent his law partner, Mathew Whitaker, was in the news this past week...

Wendy Weiner Runge - Ten Years in Prison

Wendy Trial Mathew Whitaker, that's him sitting next to Wendy in this video from the sentencing by Judge Douglas Staskal, had a tough case.  I know and honestly like Wendy.  We've had several conversations over the year and I found her to be bright, opinionated and "spunky".  Three qualities that didn't impress the judge.  In fact he handed down the tough sentence to this mother of four because of her "complete, arrogant and defiant" way in which she denied responsibility in the fraud case against her.  A little "nice" couldn't have hurt.  There is no happy ending to this case.  Critics and friends all look for one thing, a return to the establishment of the Iowa Film Industry...something that meant jobs for Iowans.

Hard Hats & High HeelsHardhatandhighheels

"The Money Pit" made the video reels last week for an upcoming segment of Hard Hats & High Heels. Co-hosts Cathy Bormann and Katie Ketelsen came over for some "girl-talk" with my Bride about design, decorating and bicycling.  Fun stuff and some good information from some talented people.  Even Kizzy Bird helped...  We'll clue you in on when the segment airs...  Here is a quick out-take as Kizzy Bird steals the show from Katie and Cathy.


Kids...May 21 Courtney Holly Patrick Sid

In Honor of.....

We held a little gathering last night.  In this photo Patrick and I look for The Rapture and in the other Brett and Susan check the food.  It was a late night.  In reality we were celebrating the new finished May 21 Cin Ryan Brent Susan bathroom.  I know, odd right?

It was an interesting group of Tweeps with a couple of non-believers thrown in who, I think, were amazed by the eclectic group.  From Puppeteers to dog rescue volunteers.  Fun and thanks for coming over!

Memorial Day Sales...Memorial Day Sale

Maybe it's because we're still in a number of wars.  Maybe it's because you can't kick a can and not have it hit somebody who has been touched by the loss of a loved one.  Maybe it's the shallowness of tying Memorial Day to car sales, furniture sales or "computer blowouts".  Shallow...that's the word I thought of when I heard a recent local car dealer crow about the huge car sale complete with patriotic music in the background and his "...huge inventory of American Made cars and trucks".  Please....

Speaking of Memorials -

Urbandale Honor Guard Last week was Police Week, so proclaimed by President Kennedy back in 1961.  I'd never gone to a Peace Officer Memorial Service...until last week.  The Iowa Peace Officer Memorial Service was held last Tuesday evening at it was...emotional.  Maybe 200 people were there to listen and and see the names and photos of  160 US law enforcement people who lost their lives in the line of duty.  That's an increase of 37% over 2009.  Sadly we may be on track to break that record as over 75 have lost their lives in the line of duty so far this year...  Here is the Urbandale Police Department Honor Guard standing just before the event started.  Thank you, all, for your service.

That's it...a bit short this morning...  I need to go get Kizzy Bird her breakfast.  It was a late night for her...and us.  Thanks so much for coming by and spending a few minutes over Sunday Morning Coffee...  If you want to stay in touch leave a comment here, head to my Personal Facebook Page or on Twitter it's @MichaelLibbie.  Have a fantastic Sunday - Michael







Whoa Down Anxious Blogger - 4 Tips

Along with creating fantastic images, television commercials, packagingRunning Horse  and ad placement we also consult.  Today let's talk about your business blog:

I not only write a bunch about marketing/advertising I read a bunch.  The other day I came across a blog that went on and on and...on.  It was the social media equal to War & Peace.  I'm sure it was a logical post with loads of information but a third of the way in...I lost interest.  Here are four tips to help you create a business blog that works...and doesn't lose your reader:

  • Keep It Short - If you are covering one topic with loads of information create a series of articles.  And, link back to each so if the reader catches part three and wants to go back to part one...they can.
  • Use Photos- Those folks over at that fancy television station figured out when you use photos or them fancy "movin' pitchers" people pay attention.
  • Eye Rests - Use bold fonts to highlight important points, short paragraphs and headers.
  • Be Consistent - If you share everything you know in your first post...what's left?  Whoa down a little...

Hope it helps and please don't take offense.  My goal is to help you do a better job and help your target audience better understand your "voice".

Let's keep in touch?  Our Advertising Agency Facebook Page or Twitter @MichaelLibbie or @InsightADV or leave a comment here?  Thanks for coming by... - Michael


How Much For A Logo?

The other day I had a perspective client ask me, "How much would itMan Question  cost for your agency to design a logo for us?"  I didn't have an answer.  A good answer...why?

Because creating a great logo isn't like buying something off the rack.   Here's why:

Before we even put "pen to paper" in the design phase it takes loads of time to get to know the business we're working for:

  • Who are the current customers;
  • Who are the future customers;
  • What is the business culture;
  • What professional "silo" is the business in;
  • What is their competition like;
  • What differences does this business bring to the consumer;
  • What is the "voice" of the business;
  • Local, Regional, National...

All of that...before we start the sketch process. Before we meet with creative.  Then comes the design process, the different colors, looks, ideas, structure.  Then comes the changes (We've NEVER hit on the first time...well maybe once.)  Then comes the use.  Where does it go?  What are the best uses for the logo?  How can we creatively build it into structures/signs/web?

The end result is a thoughtful design that lives for a very long time, matches the company culture and the consumers expectation of the brand. much is that worth?

Thanks for reading...let's keep in touch: Facebook Insight Advertising Agency Page - Twitter @MichaelLibbie or @InsightADV




Sunday Morning Coffee - May 15, 2011

We've got a little news, some gossip, some politics and a tip or two.  It'sCoffee Cu ps  Sunday Morning Coffee, time to kick back and take a look at what's been going on and a peek into the future.  And, because it's a conversation there are ways you can continue to move this forward at the end of the post.  Let's move on to some stuff we wish we didn't have to talk about...but will.

All Ginned Up...

I've never really cared for gin.  I remember my folks would hold martini parties (That's what folks did in the 1950's..and they SMOKED TOO!).  There was always a bottle or two of gin in the house.  I Man Martini Tux tried it...but the bite was a bit much.  However State Representative Greg Forristall (R-Macedonia) likes it...a bunch.  This week the Chairman of the Iowa House Education Committee was stopped by a State Trooper for going the wrong way, up a hill, on a two lane state highway.  Greg told the Trooper he had drank some gin earlier in the day.  How much earlier isn't known but a search of Greg's car turned up an open bottle of the stuff and two hours later Greg's blood alcohol level was .276...more than three times the legal limit.  Whoa...  A number of legislators, from both parties, have been picked up for drunk driving.  Must be loads of pressure staying true to those very important issues like zero growth allowed for education.

What I'm Drinking... Man What Drinking

You might find this a fun read.  It's from our friend The Phyne Dyner and it's a new part of his regular food/social commentary musings.  Go ahead...have a read...we'll wait.  Funny and smart.

All Tired Out...

Last night was a late night.  After Shabbos we headed over to some friends and stayed late.  Ugh...moving slow this morning kids.  But it was some great conversation...with good friends.  They too were interested in this story:

Governor Mike Huckabee Out

Michele Bachmann It's official and this move opens up the door for the new darling of the Republician Religious/Fringe Right...our gal Michele Bachmann.  I tell you folks we're catching some steam here!  Last week Michele, correctly, took credit for bagging Osama this week she's inched up in the polls now that Mike is out.  Whoot.  Remember the slogan for 2012:  "Our Michele is HOTTER than your Michelle!".

Freedom of Information Act = No Information

You're going to LOVE this story from the Des Moines RegisterIt's about no bid contracts for the Iowa Foundation for Medical Care that started out at $340,473 but mushroomed to $123 million.  And it's about how government agencies refuse to turn over documents under the Federal Freedom of Information Act...for years.  Clark Kauffman writes a great article.  Wondering if I can get me one of them Iowa Foundation for Medical Care jobs? (On the side...) Those folks are rollin' in your money.  How cool!!

Webmaster Hell...Wizard

Webmasters and Social Media/Marketing don't mix well.  There is something about being a "Webmaster" that goes to ones head.  Last week I had a client ask me to log into their new blog and leave a comment so they could see how it works.  I went to their blog, clicked "Comment" and was taken to a page where I had to provide a login and password....???  I sent a note to our client and received this back from their "Webmaster". "We've decided that before we allow a comment we'll gather information that will be forwarded on to the marketing department so they can determine if the comment should be allowed."  Note:  NEVER get a "Webmaster" involved in marketing.  NEVER...they will screw it up for you...because they have the power or think they do.   Weary kids...weary.   Enough business...back to fun stuff!

Bike To Work Week - Iowa

Bike to work week Dust off your seat...both of them...and park the larger one on the smaller one.  It's time for Bike To Work Week!  Our friends from Bike Iowa are gathering names of folks who are pledging to bike to work...even if it's only a couple of times. that gas in near $4 a gallon, is going to get bigger and Bike Iowa is in the front of the pack with information and advocacy.  Good stuff and great folks.  Here is your link to the pledge form.   Good biking!

Praying & The Military

Today at the Iowa State Capitol my friend John Kelling and his group, My Father's Voice, are gathering at 2PM for a Prayer Vigil.  The event will feature a host of people and information.  If you are going be at the West Side of the Capitol today before 2.  John and I go back to his days with MediaCom.  His calling to lift up the military and their families in prayer has been a remarkable calling and something he is clearly dedicated to.  Nice work John. 

That's It...

Thanks for coming by and if you would like to carry on the conversation leave a comment below, send me an e-mail, follow me on Twitter @MichaelLibbie or here is my personal Facebook Page.  It's off to work...I believe my Bride has a Busy Day in store.  Have a great Sunday... Michael










If Content Is King...

If Content is King how come we don't see more original content onKing Statue  social media?  And, if Content is King how come, when a business throws out their business blog it's often a re-hash of link-outs to...other content.

Got...Original Content?

I can understand that some folks can't blog EVERYDAY for their business. I get that.  Sometimes folks just don't know what to write about or they write everything in their first business blog of the week and have nothing left to say.  So, they take somebodies business blog, write a couple of lines and at the end:  "We agree and here at the Self Weasel Winding Torque Inducer Company we do the same thing."

Facebook Is The Worst

I'll see post after post of content that is nothing more than copy, paste.  Not even a line or two...first...about how the person/business feels about the subject or how it impacts them or their business.

How To Do Better:

You would be surprised at how much you've got to say, in short bursts, about your business.  How you've won the day with customer service.  How you went out of the way to accommodate a request.  How you made a major blunder and found a creative way to fix it so it would not happen again.  It's the stuff people want to know about because it happens to all of us and we want to know what goes on...behind to curtain.  Are you...real?

Keep a log and write about what you see, what makes a difference to you and your customer.  Then...put it at the start of the blog.  If you want to link out to another who makes the same it at the end.  That way you are not only being're also paying yourself...first.

Thanks for coming by.  We can keep the conversation going with a comment below, an e-mail on Twitter @InsightADV or our advertising agency Facebook Page.   -  Michael


Social Media Garbage

One of the stories we had today with Insight on Business News Hour with MichaelGarbage Truck  Libbie had to do with the "noise" or the "garbage" business people see when they are first introduced to various social media platforms.  To give you a good idea of what it looks and sounds like (to the first time user) here is a brief video clip from the 140 Character Conference - Des Moines.


That pretty much sums it up.  Even though I told those in attendance exactly what I wanted:"Hi, I'm _______ ________, from the 140 Character Conference - Des Moines."  All you heard was....part of the message with loads of "clutter".

So, how do you cut through the SM Garbage?  We think there are four steps to getting the most out of your Social Media Marketing:

  • Focus On Where - That means know where your target demographic is hanging out.  It may not be Facebook or Twitter it might be LinkedIn.  Or your prime customer might be involved in Facebook but not Twitter or LinkedIn.  To know where they are you need to better understand your product/service and in what silo do your people hang out.  It's just like traditional media buys you need to know where your people are.
  • Create The Plan - What do you want from your social media exposure?  How often will you engage?  Who will engage?  What are the ground rules?  Do you "get" the power of linking out?  Will your business blog (you MUST do one) be video, written or images?  If you don't know...ask somebody.
  • Measure The Results - Here is where it gets tricky.  Everybody "talks" about ROI and media...hardly anybody does it.  If you have used "traditional media" you, like the vast majority of business owners,  have no idea how effective (immediate or residual) your advertising has been.  But, because it is a media that is traditional and known, you don't mind. media is "new" and it must be proved.  So, OK...measure it.  In sales, in connections, in acceptance. be honest with it, and with yourself, you must give social media a chance.  And that takes...
  • Work - No matter where your social media marketing plan takes you you will have to "work it".  This is not the magic bullet that will solve all of your marketing/advertising needs.  It is another tool in your toolbox and if you don't use it, and use it correctly, it will be discarded...and you'll never really know the ROI.

There you go....Four Steps to sorting out the Garbage...  What do you think?  Leave me a comment here.  Shoot me an e-mail, head to Twitter @MichaelLibbie or @InsightADV or our agency Facebook Page.  Thanks for reading and watching.



Sunday Morning Coffee - May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day and welcome to Sunday Morning Coffee!  Today,Coffee Cu ps  gossip, politics, business and personal stuff.  It's a time when we can look back on the week and take a peek at what's coming up.  Sort of like a chat between friends...over coffee.  And, because it's a conversation, feel free to leave a comment below, shoot me an e-mail or let's get together on Facebook or Twitter.  Let's go!

Happy Mother's Day

Mom and Aaron One of my favorite holidays...  Mom will be, G-d willing, 91 next month.  She lives on her own...but way too far from here.  That, we hope, is going to change soon as we pack her stuff up and bring her to Des Moines.  Got a couple of places picked out.  We've been trying to do this for nearly five years.  I think...she's ready to head south!  Big ups to my new friends in Wolverine, Michigan - Dunlap's The Art of Flowers.  Wolverine is about 8 miles from Mom...thank Mickey!  Nice site.

The Iowa Legislature...Iowa Capitol

Left town doubt for the Mother's Day Festivities...and a calm descended on our city.  Sort of...  On Friday 5 of the 100 House Members gathered to pass two resolutionsHouse Resolution 31 calls for an audit of the Federal Reserve because it is believed the Federal Reserve is responsible for the economic crisis.  The other House Resolution 52 calls for the federal government to halt air quality regulations related to greenhouse gas for the next two years.  Seems like Linda Upmeyer and some of her "interesting" friends...didn't have much going on...other than pass resolutions that have nothing to do with Iowa Jobs....but hey...that's the way they roll.  Here is the story from the Des Moines Register.  No word on my BFF Rep. Chris Hagenow (R-Windsor Heights) and his vote.   I'll keep looking.  Maybe he took off too.

Toll Roads for Iowa?

Governor "For Life" Terry Branstad hinted at something like this during his most recent "Ask The Governor" event.   Progressive thinking at it's if we can add another gas tax we'll be rolling!  Check the answer to the first question and decide for yourself.


Cudos to the Governor for doing these sessions.   It's a nice way to connect...we like.  Big UPS to my friends at Under the Golden Dome for this story.  Where you'll also see a fun story about the latest coming out of Bob Vander Plaats.  Hint...he is going RINO hunting!  Lincoln would be in danger...

Bin Laden Seen At FONGS!!!Pilots at FONGS

This is serious stuff...   Not one to take Birthers and Deathers lightly (Some of my friends are...seriously). I hear, from a source close to media types in Des Moines, that Osama was seen at Fong's Pizza this past Thursday!  Sources say he ordered a Cheese Pizza and a Kamikaze, put on the Russian Fighter Helmet and said, "We beat their ass too!"   I'll let you know more when I find out.

The Village of Windsor Heights

Windsor Hights Council Mtg I've got this idea...  Floated it past some other "marketing types" and they say, "Cool!".  What if...what if we added the words "The Village" to "Windsor Heights"?  Rather than "The City of Windsor Heights" we become "The Village of Windsor Heights"?   I like that ring.  After all, The Village of Windsor Heights is only 4,800 and cozy.  Not like a "city" more like a "village".  Hey, they even hold City Council Meetings in neighborhoods!  No joke!!   See what happens when radicals move in.  What do you think?

Webcast One LIVE...MPL IOB

Some of you may have heard that I'll not be doing Insight on Business News Hour with Michael Libbie on the Webcast One LIVE Network.  It's not a hasty decision.  The "network" was going in a much different direction than where we started.  My friend J. Michael McKoy got cozy with the idea that Webcast One LIVE should be a platform for ultra-right-wing Osama Hunting talk with a heavy dose of "That Old Time Religion" featuring Steve Deace, John Miller and a cast of characters who like to party with tea.  I'm out.  I wish them well and wish we had stayed on course.  But...  We're on to new ideas and not going away...wanna come along?

104 Character Conference - Des Moines

140conf-Promo-Graphic_jocelynwallace Gets underway tomorrow morning at the Civic Center - Stoner Theater with dozens of speakers each sharing their insight on how to best use Twitter and Social Media in ten minutes or less.  My portion is at 1:10PM and we'll talk about how not to be "95%".  For more information on the 140 Characther Conference and you go!

OK...Time To Get Cracking!

Sunday is a day when we work our fingers to the BONE!  Nice weather so loads of outside stuff to do.  My Bride has this idea of a "Shade Garden".  I'd rater till up the front yard for a real garden.  Folks in a "village" would do that sort of thing.  ;-)  Thanks for coming by and let's connect?








Social Media - Lost It's Luster?

The other day during the Insight on Business News Hour we had a storyMan Magic Money   about a recent survey dealing with Social Media. The survey was conducted by IBM and reported by Dave Rosenberg.  More than 300 on-line and direct marketers from a wide spectrum were asked about the effectiveness of Social Media.  The result?  They indicate they have reduced their expectations when it comes to social media and marketing.

Here are the four major points:

  • More than 1/2 of the marketers surveyed use Social Media, but based on responses, their enthusiasm has been tempered.  What was expected...didn't happen.
  • More than 40% have gone to mobile marketing with another 20% headed that way this year.
  • Nearly 60% said "measurement, analysis and learning" were at the top of their "bottleneck" of effectiveness.
  • Marketers will use more "cross channel work" to better use Social Media.


What "marketers" have found out is that Social Media is not magic.  It is work.  It is not the mystical tool that instantly brings consumers flocking to goods and services.  It is only ONE of the tools we use to inform, entertain and listen to consumers.  It is not THE tool so many thought it was.

We've said from "Day One" that incorporating Social Media into a thoughtful marketing plan that includes "cross channel" efforts is the only way to succeed.  That

So, what do you think?   Is it worth the effort?




Let's stay in touch?  @MichaelLibbie or @InsightADV and, here's our agency Facebook Page.  Will we see you at the 140 Character Conference in Des Moines this Monday?  Huh???