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140 Character Conference - Des Moines

Yesterday, during the Insight on Business News Hour, I played a clip of Jeff Pulver, founder of the 140 Character Conference, on how Twitter140-character-conference  can/does impact the way we communicate. The 140 Character Conference is coming to Des Moines on May 9th.  Here is why you and your business should attend.

It's About Listening...

You can learn much by simply listening to your perspective consumers.  What is the buzz?  What company cultures do consumers loath and what do they hold in high regard?  What alterations can you make to your customer service area...and what are consumers saying about others in your silo?  At the 140 Character Conference - Des Moines you'll learn why this is important.

It's About Sharing...

Our culture is becoming more transparent...daily.  "The Brand" isn't enough to sell products and services.  Consumers want the "inside track".  Smart businesses realize they can't simply "push" a canned message.  They can share thoughts and watch those thoughts become shared ideas in "the community".

It's About Broadcasting News...

Your news, your message, your brand.  But, unlike traditional broadcasting, the smart business realizes Twitter is more of a casual conversation.  A conversation that can push out you news/information in a much less formal manner.  If you blog but fail to use Twitter we think you're missing an essential way to engage.

What's In It For Me?

Nothing, other than I get to present for ten minutes right after lunch (No Napping!)...all the presenters have ten minutes.  My topic is "Don't Be Ninety-Five Percent".  You see, I already know that 95% of the people/businesses we talk with fail take up social media or quit within a month because they don't have a plan and can't compute the ROI.  I'll change your mind in less than five minutes...but I'm speaking for ten?  (Must find more notes!)

For more information, who is speaking and tickets ($65 per person and $15 for students), here is the 140 Character Conference site.  See you on Monday!




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Sunday Morning Coffee - May 1, 2011

Sunday Morning Coffee is that chance for us to get together and have a chat about things that went on last week and take a peek forward.  We've got a little politics, some gossip, a little business and some personal stuff.  Just the sort of thing we'd talk about

The Wedding

Royal Wedding photo It's over and it was nice.  I've got a fondness for the monarchy even with the personal issues they've had over the past thirty years.   If Prince William and his beautiful bride Kate Middleton can hold it together and show as much class in the coming years as they did leading up to and through the wedding Britain wins.  The future King doesn't appear to be cut from the same cloth.  His maturity and, what appears, dedication to his country are appealing.  And his bride is...smokin'.  But, did you see her sister?  Yikes.  I know....base huh? (Photo - Flicker - by Hugo Burnand)

The Certificate

Last week the president shared his birth certificate and that promptlyPresident Obama  divided "The Birthers" into two camps.  There are the "OK, it looks like it's the real thing.  Now I have to move on to something else to inflame the base. Like, He's a NEGRO!!!"  To...  "It's FAKE!  Nobody used the word African when Barack Hussein Obama was born!"   And the "Head Birther" is coming to Iowa to headline the Iowa Republican Lincoln Dinner.  Nice.  A side thought.  My bet is that President Lincoln wouldn't want his name connected with anything this crowd stands for.

Then there is this...Tana Goertz is still playing to her one time "boss". An article from our friends at The Des Moines Register.  I wish I did politics on my show.  I'd LOVE to have her as a guest and ask those tough "hair questions".  Whew....

Finally, and I'll get off of this in a minute.  The clip from the White House Correspondents Dinner was great.  Now Tana's former "boss" gets to play the victim.  Watch. Thanks to our friends at CNN.

The Con

This week my BFF Chris Hagenow (R-Windsor Heights) voted with the Mid American Logo majority in the Iowa House to have you and I foot the bill for a Mid-American Energy Nuclear Power Plant...even if they don't build it.  And with all the chest thumping Chris and his buddies do about "personal responsibility" Bill 561 excuses Mid American Energy from responsibility and excludes voters in the selected county the ability to vote the measure down...if their county is picked to "host" the reactor.  BTW - A reactor design that has not been approved by the Feds...  The bill now goes to the Iowa Senate where the fate is uncertain.  But...follow the money, there is a good chance this will pass and you will foot the bill.  Net income for Mid American Energy in 2010 was $831 million. I'm thinking of building a new office complex in Windsor Heights.  Would you folks pay for the study, the design and the build?  Even if I don't follow through?  Yeah...I thought so.WineFire  But maybe Chris and I can work together on that deal.

The Moment

The other night my Bride and I had the opportunity to sit outside...IN IOWA...and have a nice conversation around the fire.  I'm thinking it must have been The Wedding that led us to get off the hamster wheel for a bit and relax.  That was nice.

The Win

On Friday Night the Iowa Energy won the National D-League Championship.  We didn't get to go but it sounds exciting!  BTW, I have NO idea what the "D-League" is.  But I am really glad for the fans and for the players.  Nice job!!!!  I know...I live in Iowa and I'm not a basketball fan.  At least we don't live in Kentucky.

The Race

This week Des Moines once again played host to world class track andDrakeRelaysLogo  field athletes at the Drake Relays.  The back-story to this is the hope Des Moines might be able to make a bid to host a future Olympic Track and Field Trial.  Given the fact the Drake Relays and the Hy-Vee Triathlon are both highly successful events there is a possibility.  The 2012 Olympic Trials are being held next June in Eugene, OR at historic Hayward Field.  Olympics in Des Moines?  How cool would that be?

The Odd

Man scratching head Last month I was asked to do a short presentation on Social Media and Business for a fund raising event for a non-profit.  I was honored to be asked and said..."Yes!".  Then a couple of days later I got a note telling me that I also had the privlidge of paying the non-profit to speak and drive attendees to the event.  That's not a typo.  I'm old...but maybe fund-raising is taking on a whole new tactic.  I wonder if the Iowa GOP is getting a large donation from "The Chief Birther" when he speaks at the Iowa Republican Lincoln Dinner?   I need to get with the program.

The Bike

It's Bike Month in Iowa!  Which means, unlike last year during BikeMichael Bike Udale crop   Month, it might be a good idea for me to get my big butt on a bike and actually ride it.  My Bride is the president of the Des Moines Cycle Club(and yes...she has her birth certificate and will make it available) which ups the pressure...just a bit.  This weekend the Des Moines Cycle Club joined with many other groups and communities to celebrate The High Trestle Trail opening from Ankeny to Woodward, Iowa.   No, I didn't go...but cheered them spirit.

Georgie was a little late for the ride.  She went to Altoona rather than Sam Auen and G High T April 30 Ankeny.  Those "A - Towns" get confusing.  At least she didn't go back west to Adel.

Along the way my Bride ran into our friend Sam Auen.  Sam is what the biking community calls a "Bagger".  A "Bagger" is a rider who carries "refreshments" and all manner of things in saddle bags on the front or back of the bike.  And here I thought he carried that "Forty" in his beard!  You can hook up with Sam on Twitter @VegChefDSM or visit him at Tacopocalypse!

Who says the bicycle isn't fun?

The News Hour

Monday - Thursday I get to host the Insight on Business News Hour atSteve SchraderBachar MPL  Webcast One LIVE.  We'll kick off May with one of the most positive people on the planet.  I know, so why is he hanging out with me?  Steve SchraderBacher is with Wells Fargo - Ankeny and he's the bomb when it comes to helping others.  Tomorrow the Metro Monday Edition of the Insight on Business News Hour with Steve and his insight on business.  Join us for that and more at Noon Central?  And...he's really TALL!

The Connection 

If you're still with me and you want to carry on the conversation, leave me a comment below, pop an e-mail my way, join the conversation on Twitter @MichaelLibbie or head to my Facebook Page.  Hey...I've got more friends than the Iowa Department of Economic Development and it didn't cost me $4 million of your tax dollars to get it done.  But, I'm thinking...