Sunday Morning Coffee - May 8, 2011
If Content Is King...

Social Media Garbage

One of the stories we had today with Insight on Business News Hour with MichaelGarbage Truck  Libbie had to do with the "noise" or the "garbage" business people see when they are first introduced to various social media platforms.  To give you a good idea of what it looks and sounds like (to the first time user) here is a brief video clip from the 140 Character Conference - Des Moines.


That pretty much sums it up.  Even though I told those in attendance exactly what I wanted:"Hi, I'm _______ ________, from the 140 Character Conference - Des Moines."  All you heard was....part of the message with loads of "clutter".

So, how do you cut through the SM Garbage?  We think there are four steps to getting the most out of your Social Media Marketing:

  • Focus On Where - That means know where your target demographic is hanging out.  It may not be Facebook or Twitter it might be LinkedIn.  Or your prime customer might be involved in Facebook but not Twitter or LinkedIn.  To know where they are you need to better understand your product/service and in what silo do your people hang out.  It's just like traditional media buys you need to know where your people are.
  • Create The Plan - What do you want from your social media exposure?  How often will you engage?  Who will engage?  What are the ground rules?  Do you "get" the power of linking out?  Will your business blog (you MUST do one) be video, written or images?  If you don't know...ask somebody.
  • Measure The Results - Here is where it gets tricky.  Everybody "talks" about ROI and media...hardly anybody does it.  If you have used "traditional media" you, like the vast majority of business owners,  have no idea how effective (immediate or residual) your advertising has been.  But, because it is a media that is traditional and known, you don't mind. media is "new" and it must be proved.  So, OK...measure it.  In sales, in connections, in acceptance. be honest with it, and with yourself, you must give social media a chance.  And that takes...
  • Work - No matter where your social media marketing plan takes you you will have to "work it".  This is not the magic bullet that will solve all of your marketing/advertising needs.  It is another tool in your toolbox and if you don't use it, and use it correctly, it will be discarded...and you'll never really know the ROI.

There you go....Four Steps to sorting out the Garbage...  What do you think?  Leave me a comment here.  Shoot me an e-mail, head to Twitter @MichaelLibbie or @InsightADV or our agency Facebook Page.  Thanks for reading and watching.