Sunday Morning Coffee - May 22, 2011
Sunday Morning Coffee - May 29, 2011

Social Media - Love/Hate Relationship

Coming up tomorrow afternoon at the Des Moines Social Club is a seriesSocial Media Images  of talks on the Business Side of Social Media.  You know the stuff we love and hate at the same time.  I had planned on being there to present but a last minute trip to see my 91 year old mother came up.  So...the choice was easy.

I'm really sorry that I'll not be there with you because I know, if you've been on the fence with your business and social media, you'll have loads of questions.  The good news is you'll be in great hands.  Why?  Because some of my best friends will be presenting and they are sharp:

Just remember...that while we engage in social media and we support social media and we have our clients use social media is NOT the magic bullet that will solve all of your marketing issues.  It is just ONE of the tools in your marketing/advertising tool box.  Oh...and it

Have a great more thing:  It's not free.  Cost is $10 at the door or $7 for students.  Hey, it's a fund raising ideafor the Des Moines Social Club at 400 Walnut. The event starts at 3PM. Tip of the hat to Laura Gaulke who has been working the media on this project.