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Sunday Morning Coffee - May 22, 2011

Some gossip, some politics, some religion, some business, someCoffee Cu ps  silliness...it's all part of Sunday Morning Coffee a conversation between friends about what's been going on and a peek into the next week.  So, if you're still here, my Non-Rapture Friends, grab a cup and let's go...

As Raptures Go - That Was A Dud

They say there are two things we should never discuss:  Politics & Religion.  The reason?  Most folks know little about each.  They make up their minds on politics or religion based on emotionMan Rapture So...when one questions a particular stand we're "attacking" their heart...not their mind.  That's why folks seem to get all riled up.  With that in mind, "What the hell were they thinking?"  Hundreds of people, followers of retired engineer Harold Camping, sold their stuff and went into the streets proclaiming the "End of Times" and that "The Rapture" would occur yesterday at 6:00PM.  Some pastors have it right, talk like this does de-legitimize Christianity and, for Christians, that's tough to take.  I'll bet the sermons today just might make mention of this...  What do you think?

Endangered Species List - Flashlight Bulbs

I've got a flashlight with a bulb.  Last week, during one of theRyobi Bulb  seemingly endless number of projects I get to do here at "The Money Pit" I knocked over the Ryobi Flashlight and the bulb broke.  I went to Home Despot, who stocks Ryobi stuff, and they don't have, Target doesn't have, Hy-Vee doesn't have, Kum & Go doesn't have.  Does this mean I have to go buy a new flashlight, remove the light bulb and take back my purchase for a refund?  That's not right...but?  Suggestions?  BTW:  Looks like I'm not the only one confused by the lack of supply.  One guy says it might take "several birthdays" to find one.  Yikes.

What's Chris Up To?

I'd share what my BFF Iowa House Member Chris Hagenow (R-Windsor Heights) has been up to but...I don't know.  This morning I thought I'd poke around looking for updates to his blog, website, newsletter.  Nada.  Nothing.  Unless I'm looking in the wrong places with a search for Chris Hagenow?  Chris?  While Chris is absent his law partner, Mathew Whitaker, was in the news this past week...

Wendy Weiner Runge - Ten Years in Prison

Wendy Trial Mathew Whitaker, that's him sitting next to Wendy in this video from the sentencing by Judge Douglas Staskal, had a tough case.  I know and honestly like Wendy.  We've had several conversations over the year and I found her to be bright, opinionated and "spunky".  Three qualities that didn't impress the judge.  In fact he handed down the tough sentence to this mother of four because of her "complete, arrogant and defiant" way in which she denied responsibility in the fraud case against her.  A little "nice" couldn't have hurt.  There is no happy ending to this case.  Critics and friends all look for one thing, a return to the establishment of the Iowa Film Industry...something that meant jobs for Iowans.

Hard Hats & High HeelsHardhatandhighheels

"The Money Pit" made the video reels last week for an upcoming segment of Hard Hats & High Heels. Co-hosts Cathy Bormann and Katie Ketelsen came over for some "girl-talk" with my Bride about design, decorating and bicycling.  Fun stuff and some good information from some talented people.  Even Kizzy Bird helped...  We'll clue you in on when the segment airs...  Here is a quick out-take as Kizzy Bird steals the show from Katie and Cathy.


Kids...May 21 Courtney Holly Patrick Sid

In Honor of.....

We held a little gathering last night.  In this photo Patrick and I look for The Rapture and in the other Brett and Susan check the food.  It was a late night.  In reality we were celebrating the new finished May 21 Cin Ryan Brent Susan bathroom.  I know, odd right?

It was an interesting group of Tweeps with a couple of non-believers thrown in who, I think, were amazed by the eclectic group.  From Puppeteers to dog rescue volunteers.  Fun and thanks for coming over!

Memorial Day Sales...Memorial Day Sale

Maybe it's because we're still in a number of wars.  Maybe it's because you can't kick a can and not have it hit somebody who has been touched by the loss of a loved one.  Maybe it's the shallowness of tying Memorial Day to car sales, furniture sales or "computer blowouts".  Shallow...that's the word I thought of when I heard a recent local car dealer crow about the huge car sale complete with patriotic music in the background and his "...huge inventory of American Made cars and trucks".  Please....

Speaking of Memorials -

Urbandale Honor Guard Last week was Police Week, so proclaimed by President Kennedy back in 1961.  I'd never gone to a Peace Officer Memorial Service...until last week.  The Iowa Peace Officer Memorial Service was held last Tuesday evening at it was...emotional.  Maybe 200 people were there to listen and and see the names and photos of  160 US law enforcement people who lost their lives in the line of duty.  That's an increase of 37% over 2009.  Sadly we may be on track to break that record as over 75 have lost their lives in the line of duty so far this year...  Here is the Urbandale Police Department Honor Guard standing just before the event started.  Thank you, all, for your service.

That's it...a bit short this morning...  I need to go get Kizzy Bird her breakfast.  It was a late night for her...and us.  Thanks so much for coming by and spending a few minutes over Sunday Morning Coffee...  If you want to stay in touch leave a comment here, head to my Personal Facebook Page or on Twitter it's @MichaelLibbie.  Have a fantastic Sunday - Michael