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Sunday Morning Coffee - May 29, 2011

It's like a visit between friends over coffee.  Some politics, gossip,Coffee Cu ps  business and opinion.  Just like we would at the cafe.  And, because it's a conversation, feel free to leave me a comment here, send me an e-mail, let's connect on Twitter @MichaelLibbie or here's my personal Facebook Page.  Grab a cup and let's go...

Had to switch my "mobile office" from Burger King in Indian River to McDonalds...better connection.  Just saying...if McDonalds Indian Riveryou're ever up here.  By the way...if you want to view a photo, just click.  They get larger...whoot!

In Search of Liberal Media

I traveled last week to Michigan for a visit with my Mother.  Along the way I listened to AM Radio.  For over 13 hours I heard some of the most vile descriptions of the President of the United States.  "Commie", "Socialist", "Enemy of the State", "Idiot".  In addition nearly every time these national talk show hosts opened their mouths they shouted, whinnied or bellowed about "The Liberal Media".  Where is it?  Go ahead...spend some time in a vehicle and force yourself to listen to AM Radio.  Where is it?  I didn't hear it.  Another myth my friends...that for some reason sticks.  Maybe that is the real question....why do some folks believe this stuff?

Bye Bye High Speed Rail

It looks as if Iowa will turn it's back on the future and the ability to connect with business and trade centers in the midwest while continuing to push the use of high priced fuel.  Governor "For Life"Terry Branstad, who continues to govern as if it were 1985, said last week he is going to leave the issue up to the Iowa House and Senate.  He really means the Iowa House where House Majority Leader Kraig "We Don't Qualify" Paulsen has said it ain't gonna happen.  Meanwhile Michigan and Illinois are moving ahead.  But, why bother.  Back in 1985, our current point of reference, the transportation costs were much less.  No way they will continue to increase. Want the real shock?  Look WHO is for this progressive, commie idea:  The CHAMBER?  Here's a story from Bleeding Heartland.  Weary...  Let's move on to more fun things...

Outrageous Beatings of Children with a Hockey Stick!

That's the way Faux Newsintroduced a recent segment about the controversy taking place in Mount Vernon, Iowa.  Not...  Dee Moinez as the "anchor" reported.  Here is the piece from Juice Magazine with the full story.  I'm thinking I should mention my 7th Grade teacher Mr. Peterson who, on the final day of school asked if there was anyone in his study hall that he had NOT paddled during the year.  I must have been distracted by Lynette Livers (my flame at the time) and put my hand up.  Mr. Peterson gave me three "whacks" with his paddle.  Traumatized.. sure.

Been to a Family Dollar Store Lately?Dollar Store

Me either.  Then the other day had to run out and get something and went by this Family Dollar Store in Indian River.  They've got...everything!  Or seem to.  From groceries to hardware...reminded me of the old general store.  Asked Mom if she ever goes.  She said, "Yes...but you've got to watch those prices." 

Mom Casino May 2011 Mom tends to watch all the prices...unless she's saddled up to the slot machines at the nearby casino.  The other day we were there...she had a medical appointment and that always means a mid-afternoon run to the Odawa Casino in Petoskey.  Which, in turn, means she is supporting the Tribal Council and lifestyle there.  There goes the inhearatance.  

Memorial Day BBQ Costs MoreAaron Cooking burgers Moms

The spike in fuel prices has also taken a bite out of the traditional family cook-out.  Mail Online shares has the story on the 29% increase in costs...before drinks.  An outing for a dozen people will set you back about $199 or $45 more than last year.  I'm sure you've seen your income increase by twenty to thirty percent...

Morning on Burt Lake

Just a shout out from the lake here in Indian River.  We're not familiar with lakes...big lakes...all over the place back in Iowa.  Thought you might like to take a look... 

Speaking of Indian River and Burt Lake

Here's a quick video that I did last year.  Seems it's made the rounds here in Northern Michigan.  Last night I walked into the local Party Store and "Stormy" asked how things were going.  She was one of the features from last year.


Yep...a place that sells Beer, Liquor, Guns and Porn...all in one location.  Just another tourist destination.  ;-)Stormey Indian River

That's it...gotta go.  It's a busy Sunday in the North.  Mom has a large list of projects and we're doing a video today for the real estate folks.  Gotta market you know.

Thanks for coming by...and have a neat Sunday...  Remember, Memorial Day isn't a day to celebrate with BIG SALES is a day set aside to honor...and remember.  - Michael