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Sunday Morning Coffee - May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day and welcome to Sunday Morning Coffee!  Today,Coffee Cu ps  gossip, politics, business and personal stuff.  It's a time when we can look back on the week and take a peek at what's coming up.  Sort of like a chat between friends...over coffee.  And, because it's a conversation, feel free to leave a comment below, shoot me an e-mail or let's get together on Facebook or Twitter.  Let's go!

Happy Mother's Day

Mom and Aaron One of my favorite holidays...  Mom will be, G-d willing, 91 next month.  She lives on her own...but way too far from here.  That, we hope, is going to change soon as we pack her stuff up and bring her to Des Moines.  Got a couple of places picked out.  We've been trying to do this for nearly five years.  I think...she's ready to head south!  Big ups to my new friends in Wolverine, Michigan - Dunlap's The Art of Flowers.  Wolverine is about 8 miles from Mom...thank Mickey!  Nice site.

The Iowa Legislature...Iowa Capitol

Left town doubt for the Mother's Day Festivities...and a calm descended on our city.  Sort of...  On Friday 5 of the 100 House Members gathered to pass two resolutionsHouse Resolution 31 calls for an audit of the Federal Reserve because it is believed the Federal Reserve is responsible for the economic crisis.  The other House Resolution 52 calls for the federal government to halt air quality regulations related to greenhouse gas for the next two years.  Seems like Linda Upmeyer and some of her "interesting" friends...didn't have much going on...other than pass resolutions that have nothing to do with Iowa Jobs....but hey...that's the way they roll.  Here is the story from the Des Moines Register.  No word on my BFF Rep. Chris Hagenow (R-Windsor Heights) and his vote.   I'll keep looking.  Maybe he took off too.

Toll Roads for Iowa?

Governor "For Life" Terry Branstad hinted at something like this during his most recent "Ask The Governor" event.   Progressive thinking at it's if we can add another gas tax we'll be rolling!  Check the answer to the first question and decide for yourself.


Cudos to the Governor for doing these sessions.   It's a nice way to connect...we like.  Big UPS to my friends at Under the Golden Dome for this story.  Where you'll also see a fun story about the latest coming out of Bob Vander Plaats.  Hint...he is going RINO hunting!  Lincoln would be in danger...

Bin Laden Seen At FONGS!!!Pilots at FONGS

This is serious stuff...   Not one to take Birthers and Deathers lightly (Some of my friends are...seriously). I hear, from a source close to media types in Des Moines, that Osama was seen at Fong's Pizza this past Thursday!  Sources say he ordered a Cheese Pizza and a Kamikaze, put on the Russian Fighter Helmet and said, "We beat their ass too!"   I'll let you know more when I find out.

The Village of Windsor Heights

Windsor Hights Council Mtg I've got this idea...  Floated it past some other "marketing types" and they say, "Cool!".  What if...what if we added the words "The Village" to "Windsor Heights"?  Rather than "The City of Windsor Heights" we become "The Village of Windsor Heights"?   I like that ring.  After all, The Village of Windsor Heights is only 4,800 and cozy.  Not like a "city" more like a "village".  Hey, they even hold City Council Meetings in neighborhoods!  No joke!!   See what happens when radicals move in.  What do you think?

Webcast One LIVE...MPL IOB

Some of you may have heard that I'll not be doing Insight on Business News Hour with Michael Libbie on the Webcast One LIVE Network.  It's not a hasty decision.  The "network" was going in a much different direction than where we started.  My friend J. Michael McKoy got cozy with the idea that Webcast One LIVE should be a platform for ultra-right-wing Osama Hunting talk with a heavy dose of "That Old Time Religion" featuring Steve Deace, John Miller and a cast of characters who like to party with tea.  I'm out.  I wish them well and wish we had stayed on course.  But...  We're on to new ideas and not going away...wanna come along?

104 Character Conference - Des Moines

140conf-Promo-Graphic_jocelynwallace Gets underway tomorrow morning at the Civic Center - Stoner Theater with dozens of speakers each sharing their insight on how to best use Twitter and Social Media in ten minutes or less.  My portion is at 1:10PM and we'll talk about how not to be "95%".  For more information on the 140 Characther Conference and you go!

OK...Time To Get Cracking!

Sunday is a day when we work our fingers to the BONE!  Nice weather so loads of outside stuff to do.  My Bride has this idea of a "Shade Garden".  I'd rater till up the front yard for a real garden.  Folks in a "village" would do that sort of thing.  ;-)  Thanks for coming by and let's connect?