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Sunday Morning Coffee - May 22, 2011

Whoa Down Anxious Blogger - 4 Tips

Along with creating fantastic images, television commercials, packagingRunning Horse  and ad placement we also consult.  Today let's talk about your business blog:

I not only write a bunch about marketing/advertising I read a bunch.  The other day I came across a blog that went on and on and...on.  It was the social media equal to War & Peace.  I'm sure it was a logical post with loads of information but a third of the way in...I lost interest.  Here are four tips to help you create a business blog that works...and doesn't lose your reader:

  • Keep It Short - If you are covering one topic with loads of information create a series of articles.  And, link back to each so if the reader catches part three and wants to go back to part one...they can.
  • Use Photos- Those folks over at that fancy television station figured out when you use photos or them fancy "movin' pitchers" people pay attention.
  • Eye Rests - Use bold fonts to highlight important points, short paragraphs and headers.
  • Be Consistent - If you share everything you know in your first post...what's left?  Whoa down a little...

Hope it helps and please don't take offense.  My goal is to help you do a better job and help your target audience better understand your "voice".

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