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Package Free Stores?

But It's Just...

I love it when I can share stories like this with you.  A dose of reality helps bring things into focus.   Part of our craft here at Insight is to do packaging for our clients.  We're the folks that create "the look" of the stuff you buy.  Our goal is to design a look that explains what the product is, what it does and how you can use it. really is an art.

But The Packaging Is Only ONE Part

La Creme Creating eye catching packaging is only part of the overall marketing adventure.  There are so many others from point of purchase displays, traditional media advertising, social media marketing and, of course websites.  Here's the story:

When I was at my Urbandale Hy-Vee (It is mine you know...) my Bride pointed at this package and said... "WOW!". is. But,  It's just coffee creamer.  They could have put the stuff in a plastic bottle, slapped a name on it and...try to sell it.  And they would have but they, and we, know...the the package us just part of "the package".

Beyond The Package DesignLa creme label

From the colors to what is written on the container you can tell these folks spent some real dollars in creative.  They send a message with the tiny icon of the cow.  It's all...real.  But the really cool part of this product marketing...the website.

The web can be a wonderfully active marketing tool...when done right.  While we expected a nice site..we were not prepared for what we found.  Not only is the site...classy it's also full of tongue in cheek humor and some creative classic elements that make it come alive. Go ahead...we're braging it up...have a look!  We'll wait.

It's Just Coffee Creamer

So, what do you think?  Here we've got several elements going on.  The call to provide a "natural" product to a consumer group seeking something more healthy.  We've got classy upscale product packaging.  We've got a multi-layer website that is interactive.  Complete with the Mechanical Cow and a little icon that says, "Real Cows/Real Dairy - A Sign of Respect".  The on-line video and music...  It all fits.  Oh and they use Social Media - Facebook and YouTube...well.  

What About You?

Remember it's just coffee creamer.   One little product in a sea of products...but look at what they've done.  They have branded their coffee creamer apart from others.  There is a huge lesson here my friends.  It doesn't COST to build dynamic pays.  We'll watch the 

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