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My friend, Jack Mathews of Our Grinnell (A really neat Hyper-LocalMan Surprised  news/business site) sent me this e-mail: "How do you keep up with all of this?".  "All of this." means the many avenues of how we communicate using "new media" like Facebook, LinkedIn, our Business Blogs, Twitter....and the list goes on.  The answer is:

It's My Job...

My "job" is to expand our reach by sharing what we know about our craftOur craft is advertising, marketing and consumer trends.  Your craft might be building a community, making policy, creating products or services for existing or new customers.  That's not what we do.  We "build things" that help people find out, want, or engage you and your product or service.  While that seems simple enough, I'll be honest with you.  I could not do what you do...and, in truth, you couldn't, in a million years, do what we do.  It's a craft.  Let's break this down a bit:

The Business Blog

I author several.  Insight on Business News Hour with Michael LibbieInsight Advertising, Marketing & Communications (this one) and Highway 6 - Your Road to the Country.  They are some of the first things I do each day....before anything else.  Not just when I "have the time".  These are items are designed to expand our brand into several channels.  They are meant as a way to share with others the depth of our craft.  This isn't "extra work" or "something to pass the time".  They are serious attempts at giving voice to a brand.  

Those of you who see business blogging as a "sideline" or an extra "add on" or "something to do when "I don't have anything else going on" are missing a great opportunity to share your craft with the world.  Tell me where else you can engage the public with such power?  Sure you can spend millions on a campaign but that's just advertising.  This is communication.

Twitter Twitter_logo

I have several streams @MichaelLibbie @InsightADV @RuralLifeRadio all are designed to help me...learn.  You are reading that correctly.  Twitter is a vast knowledge base, a window into the minds of consumers.  Twitter can teach you much about what is going on in the world in your craft area.  (I manage all of them through Hootsuite.)  Those who use Twitter to "broadcast" are, again, missing the point.  Twitter is an engagement tool.  Not the local TV or Radio Station.  And, what's funny...most broadcast facilities think Twitter is for broadcasting.  Sad...but they can't help themselves.

Facebook Facebook-logo

We have several locations:  Michael P. Libbie and Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications.  On my personal Facebook page I write...stuff.  The goal is to communicate with those individuals I find fun, interesting, important and meaningful.  I always follow back and I learn more about what makes people tick...  On our company Facebook page it's all about sharing information with people who want to learn more about the world of advertising, marketing & communications.  Sometimes the line blurs...but we try to keep things separate.


We find this a great source of information about people with whom we wish to connect.  Because it's an "opt in" opportunity it can get selective.  But, I know if I want to communicate directly with the CEO of the "Phlegm Group" I can do so...using this tool.  Here I am...Michael Libbie on LinkedIn.

You Tube Youtube_logo

We have the Insight Advertising Channel where we've posted all kinds of content.  Some silly...some serious.  Again, all designed around the idea to push our brand and share our voice.  People come and go.  We'll upload items to our Blog like this:


The sharing our craft with you.

So, Jack, there is a reason we're engaged in all of this.  It's our job and it's also part of being a long time professional broadcaster, writer and advertising guy.  We (I) just can't help ourselves....  Did I mention that my Bride and co-worker also has several social media channels.  Runs in the family...

Thanks for coming by.  You want to carry on the conversation leave a comment or join us on any number of channels.  There all listed here.  Have a great day! - Michael