Sunday Morning Coffee - May 29, 2011
Sunday Morning Coffee - June 5, 2011

How Much to Create?

We're on the cusp of finishing a major media project for a client that went from conception to completion in twenty days.  To be fair, that's not twenty eight-hour or ten-hour days.  It is five creative people working onWoman Create  and off this project for twenty days.  And it is stellar.

In the end...what is it worth?

I was in a meeting two weeks ago when a client said, "It isn't the cost of the project, it's what the project can do for us."  I wish more people saw it that way.  Understood that to go from nothing to something and have that "something" really shine...takes time...and talent.

I can't do what you do.  And, to be can't, in a million years, do what I do.  We're not the same. We don't think the same.  We don't research the same.  We don't view consumer habits and customers the same.  And...that is good.

Because if I could do what you do...your company wouldn't need you.  And, if you could do what I do...same deal.

So, in the end, what does it cost to create something that will be a "Wow Moment" for the consumer?  Perhaps the better question might be, "What does it cost to not get the attention of the consumer?"

Got an answer?

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