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Marketing...You - A Quick Tip

Our agency works with clients from California to Germany soWoman Two Phones  communication along different days and times is critical.  Something we started years ago was taking thirty-seconds and updating our direct line out going voice mail message...daily.  And, it's more than just, "This is Tuesday the 21st day of June and I'm in the office..."  We'll throw in a quick marketing tip and a promise to call them back, "...before the close of business day".  No matter when THEIR business day ends.  We think it does a couple of things:

  • Let's our clients/customers know we actually listen to our voice mail;
  • Gives them a time certain when we'll get back to them;
  • Offers up a subtle marketing tip in just a couple of words...hey, it's our craft.

And, takes some dedication to the effort until it becomes a habit.  Finally, the comment we get back nearly each week, "What a great message thanks for being real."


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