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Package Free Stores?

Yesterday I shared with you how impressed we are with the packagingMan Exclaim  done by La Creame'.  That was about consumer trends, high-end products and how they carried the brand across all channels.  Today...let's look at another consumer trend...Zero Packaging for Groceries.

in.gredients is a soon to open grocery store in Austin, Texas.  Their claim is that in this store there will be zero packaging.  None.  You bring in your own jars, bags, containers...weigh the products and pay.  Here is a neat video that tells the story:


So, what is the driver?  Clearly this isn't something that will go mainstream...today.  But it is another hint at how deep consumers think about sustainable living.  So...our question to you and your business:  "What products/services can you create for a consumer base that demands...less?"

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