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Sunday Morning Coffee - Moved - June 12, 2011

Sunday Morning Coffee, that weekly piece we do about politics,Coffee Cu ps  religion, and other stuff that makes people crazy...has moved.  We've got a new location and a different look.  Hope you make the jump.  We'll try to input past articles as we get time.  Today we've got Governor Rick Perry, Governor Terry Branstad, the Iowa GOP Straw Poll, Chuck & Carla Offenburger, Painting, Jesus and more.  Grab your cup right here!  And, thanks to our friends at The Des Moines Register...for following the jump!



Who Owns The Sale?

Last week I called Qwest (Soon to become CenturyLink) about my firstQwest Logo  "Complimentary Account Review".  I just wanted to make sure what their business says our business what we have.  At the end of the conversation the customer service representative said, "I see we've got you at a 7mb Internet speed.  We can move you to 12mb at no extra charge and no service interruption."  Me: "Really, no charge and my equipment will work?"  Qwest: "Yes sir!"

We Pulled The Trigger...

I was told it would take three days to make the switch.  On day three Insight had no Internet, nada...nothing.  I did the CenturyLink-Business standard "pull the plug, do a little dance, count to sixty" reset.  Nothing.  Called Qwest visited with Wendy who said,"Hmmm, shouldn't be doing that.  We'll get somebody in Tech to look at it."  Meanwhile I contacted my friends @TalkToQwest on Twitter.  (We've found, over the years to receive much better service if the communication goes through joke.)  They bounced back and said they were on it.  A few hours later...nada.  But, they are friendly...

Day Two...

See "We Pulled the Trigger"...same story.  Then, through Twitter, we got hooked up wth Joe, Louis and Mike in Boise, ID. who said, "That modem won't work with that new speed."  Problem identified.  The solution was to head to Jordan Creek Mall and pick up a new PK-5000 from Carrie...who was delightful.  Then it was on to re-configuring all the computers to the new modem.  And we were golden.

Who Owns The Sale?Man odd

Which bring us back to the start.  Who owns the sales transaction at your shop?  Sales people should have some great product knowledge and when (and if) sales, customer service, support and tech all communicate.  Guess what?  Magic.  In this case some folks didn't own the sale or had some lousy information.  

In the end some folks did their job and patched us up.  But, if we had a handle on the problem...last week.  Think of the savings in time and energy.  Share information people...with everybody.

Want to leave a comment?  You can here, drop me an e-mail, let's connect on Twitter @MichaelLibbie or @InsightADV or our agency Facebook Page is right here.  Have a great day!


Sunday Morning Coffee - June 5, 2011

It's a conversation between friends about politics, news, business, gossipCoffee Cu ps  and each other.  It's like folks getting together at the local coffee shop and sharing stories.  And because I'm interested in your take feel free to leave a comment below, let's connect on Twitter @MichaelLibbie or my personal Facebook Page.  We'll get back to the advertising business tomorrow...  But, for today, it's Sunday Morning Coffee.  Grab a cup...

The Iowa Connection

The survey says, "None of the Above.".  Republicans hoping to make a connection with Iowa Voters for the 2012 presidential election are drawing a blank, according to this story from Bleeding Heartland.  What IOWA GOP logoI found interesting were the "favoribility numbers" posted by non-candidates: Jeb Bush, Chris Christie and Paul Ryan.  It shows how fractured, at this early stage, the party might be.  Being against President Obama isn't must also feed the lunatic base which is tough for "centrists". Two side notes:  #1 It can't be good news for the announced candidates when six of the "Big Money Republicans" go east to New Jersey to try to convince Governor Christie to join the race but that's exactly what happened last week when Bruce Rastetter, Mikel Derby, Gary Kirke, Denny Elwell, Michael Richards and Jim Kersten.  #2  My friend Chris Bradshaw is considering changing his name to "None of the Above" and running in the Iowa GOP Caucus.  He just might win...

Qwest & PhonesCenturyLink-Business

The other day I received my "First Complimentary Account Review" from Qwest Business which is soon to become CenturyLink Business.  (More on that below.)  Anyway I found out, it says so right here, "You are enjoying unlimited long-distance calling..."  I had no idea.  Really.  They also bumped our Internet speed...for free.  Why?  SmartPhones and Pads.  The number of people exiting landlines is amazing.  CenturyLink?  It's a company based in Louisiana that purchased Qwest for $24 billion and now is seeking to buy Sawis for $2.5 billion.  Here's the update from The Denver Post

The Village of Windsor Heights

Windsor Heights logo I think it's catching on.  We live in Windsor Heights, a "land-locked" community of about 4,400.  It's a real "city" in the Des Moines Metro.  But it can't get larger in land mass and it's claim to fame is the 25 MPH strictly enforced speed limit.  So strictly enforced that the "speed trap" has become the cities...brand.  Say, "Windsor Heights" folks say..."speed trap".  It's just reality and one more reason to change the name to the Village of Windsor Heights.  In a "village" things move slower, you've got to be more gentle...  I can see all sorts of possibilities.  What do you think?

Tomorrow's Technology? T3 right

I was at a stop light the other day behind this truck from Technologies, Inc.  I'm looking at it and think, (remember I'm an advertising guy) "Really?  No website on the vehicle?  This is "tomorrow's technology today?"  So I went hunting for them.  Is their name Technologies, Inc. or T3?  Nothing.  So I did a Google search on the phone number.  It's an electrical contractor. site.  I found it...odd.

Urbandale HyVee & Jerry Kluver

Jerry Kluver Today is such a beautiful day in Central Iowa.  My bet is that Jerry an the gang over at the Urbandale HyVee Garden Center are rockin'.  No doubt we'll head over there to check out what's going on.  It's a regular Sunday Trip for us during the season.

Marriage Equality & Jeff Angelo

My friend Jeff Angelo, a former Iowa GOP State Senator, came out in favor of....hold on kids...marriage equality.  He posted a photo on his Facebook Page and a commentJeff Angelo  that he favors allowing same-sex marriage and his newly formed Iowa Republicans for Freedom.  That created a firestorm as his Republican "friends" skewered him...saying all sorts of nasty things.  One must not have a different opinion in the "New GOP".  Here is the complete story from the Iowa Independent.

Job Hunting?

I talked with Fastline last week and they are still looking for the right person to fill a sales position here in Iowa.  Great company with an excellent track record.  Here is the post I wrote about the job.  (They said I could mention their name...we didn't earlier because we didn't have clearance.)  Seriously...good job and an excellent career.

Indian River Memorial Day Parade

There is something about being in a tiny town on a holiday.  Here's a look at the Memorial Day Parade from Indian River, Michigan where my Mother lives...


We're hoping to get Mom to Iowa so we're all closer than a 13 hour drive.  Neat.Jovie Taylor June 2011

Jovie & Taylor

Two of the four grand-children were here yesterday and last night.  Whoot!  They are the best...and I need to get this out the door and spend some "Zaydee Time".  Have a great Sunday.... - Michael





How Much to Create?

We're on the cusp of finishing a major media project for a client that went from conception to completion in twenty days.  To be fair, that's not twenty eight-hour or ten-hour days.  It is five creative people working onWoman Create  and off this project for twenty days.  And it is stellar.

In the end...what is it worth?

I was in a meeting two weeks ago when a client said, "It isn't the cost of the project, it's what the project can do for us."  I wish more people saw it that way.  Understood that to go from nothing to something and have that "something" really shine...takes time...and talent.

I can't do what you do.  And, to be can't, in a million years, do what I do.  We're not the same. We don't think the same.  We don't research the same.  We don't view consumer habits and customers the same.  And...that is good.

Because if I could do what you do...your company wouldn't need you.  And, if you could do what I do...same deal.

So, in the end, what does it cost to create something that will be a "Wow Moment" for the consumer?  Perhaps the better question might be, "What does it cost to not get the attention of the consumer?"

Got an answer?

Thanks for reading and if you've got a comment, leave it below or let's connect on Twitter @MichaelLibbie or @InsightADV.  You can drop me an e-mail or, for more "insight" on marketing and advertising tips, here is our agency Facebook Page. -  Michael