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Sweating The Small Stuff - Copywriting

We write lots of copy for the marketing efforts of our clients.  TelevisionMan Typewriter  scripts, radio, web, print.  Sometimes we get it "spot on"...other times it takes several revisions.  That's where collaboration with the client comes in.  A couple of tips:

The Media Plan 

Usually it starts out with the Media Plan (what we're going to be doing when much).  If you click on the link I've got a video with five tips....for your Media Plan. A media plan has also been vetted to make sure the target audience matches the message.  So, we've got a pretty good idea of who is going to view the message, how it's being delivered and where it's going.

Images & Writing

We tend to be visual.  Give us an image and we write around what we see.  Why?   One of the greatest mistakes advertisers make is too much copy when an image and a clear explanation goes much further.  Even if you have lots of information your first goal is to get somebody to notice your message and then give them another way to access the finer details on your website.

You Are Not Always...Right 

On our projects we run several revisions past our clients.  Often they have another set of words they would like to use.  In the early days...thirty years ago...I'd get a little "put out" if a client suggested an entirely different rendition.  I've mellowed and realize that while advertising/marketing is my craft, the client might have a different take and with a little work that revision works well.

Avoid "Code Words"

YOU might know what the word means...but will the consumer?    Here's an example:  Sulfur.  For most people sulfur is a nasty smelling substance that you can put in smoke bombs for the 4th of July.  However, sulfur is a necessary plant nutrient.  Once abundant, in a natural state, the amount of sulfur in the atmosphere has been reduced through cleaning up the environment which means plants get less. To just say, "Contains Sulfur" might not be a good way to message the product.

Turn Offs...

G Gutter Cleaning2 Oct 2010 This week I saw an ad from a company that does those covers for gutters.  You know, the add-on that keep stuff out of your gutters so you're not climbing on the roof cleaning them out.  The headline was "25% Off The Price!".  You have to call and set up a "Free Estimate" before June 30th.  But then, "Discount applies only on the day of the on-site visit."  In other words..."Buy NOW or lose the deal."  We didn't call.

Lots of little things to remember...  Thanks for coming by.  If you want to continue the conversation, feel free to leave a comment below, send me an e-mail, join us on Twitter @InsightADV or @MichaelLibbie or here's our agency Facebook Page.  Have a great day!