Sunday Morning Coffee - June 5, 2011
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Who Owns The Sale?

Last week I called Qwest (Soon to become CenturyLink) about my firstQwest Logo  "Complimentary Account Review".  I just wanted to make sure what their business says our business what we have.  At the end of the conversation the customer service representative said, "I see we've got you at a 7mb Internet speed.  We can move you to 12mb at no extra charge and no service interruption."  Me: "Really, no charge and my equipment will work?"  Qwest: "Yes sir!"

We Pulled The Trigger...

I was told it would take three days to make the switch.  On day three Insight had no Internet, nada...nothing.  I did the CenturyLink-Business standard "pull the plug, do a little dance, count to sixty" reset.  Nothing.  Called Qwest visited with Wendy who said,"Hmmm, shouldn't be doing that.  We'll get somebody in Tech to look at it."  Meanwhile I contacted my friends @TalkToQwest on Twitter.  (We've found, over the years to receive much better service if the communication goes through joke.)  They bounced back and said they were on it.  A few hours later...nada.  But, they are friendly...

Day Two...

See "We Pulled the Trigger"...same story.  Then, through Twitter, we got hooked up wth Joe, Louis and Mike in Boise, ID. who said, "That modem won't work with that new speed."  Problem identified.  The solution was to head to Jordan Creek Mall and pick up a new PK-5000 from Carrie...who was delightful.  Then it was on to re-configuring all the computers to the new modem.  And we were golden.

Who Owns The Sale?Man odd

Which bring us back to the start.  Who owns the sales transaction at your shop?  Sales people should have some great product knowledge and when (and if) sales, customer service, support and tech all communicate.  Guess what?  Magic.  In this case some folks didn't own the sale or had some lousy information.  

In the end some folks did their job and patched us up.  But, if we had a handle on the problem...last week.  Think of the savings in time and energy.  Share information people...with everybody.

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