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Great Idea for a Dangerous Business

Actually the restaurant business isn't dangerous unless you happen to own one.  Statistics tell us that the failure rate of restaurants is one of the highest of all start-ups.  Here's a story that came to me from my friend Steve ShraderBachar who is vacationing in July.  Uhm...  In Steve's words:

Dinner at Aiello's

"The other night we had dinner at Aiello's a great resturant here in Phoenix.  The food was AWESOME, but the reason I am sharing this with you is the marketing aspect. At the table, once the dinner is complete, Aiellos PHX every patron has a chance to have "dinner on the house" Simply pick a number from 1-90 and it if that numbered tile shows up when the owner Joe Aiello comes by with the check, its on the house!

Wow, what a fabulous thought that was. We didn't win, but just the chance to have a $100 dinner paid for is something else! Then to top it off, he took a liking to my 7 year old so much that he offerred her the chance to pick a 2nd number from 1-90 and if we got that, we would get dessert for free. We didn't pick the number correct, but again its just the simple little act like this that has peopleJoe Aiello  talking! 

Thought I would share this with you in your quest for innovative marketing ideas!"

A Thought...

The restaurant business is highly personal.  Notice that Steve says, "when the owner Joe Aiello comes by with the check...".  Everybody wants to know "the boss" and the smart boss checks in with his customers at every chance he can.  No doubt Joe is also listening to what is being said.  And, it's personal. 

Loved the story Steve and thanks for thinking about in the lap of a cool Iowa Summer...not!  But, Phoenix in...July?