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If You're Looking for Sunday Morning Coffee

Hi...we've moved.  Figured it was best to keep opinion about...some things out of our business blog.   Capish? (Sorry, left over from the Italian Festival this past week)  If you wanna read about gossip, Iowa, Taxes, Sheryl Crow, and...Light Bombs...huh?  You'll understand.  Here's Sunday Morning Coffee...careful, it's HOT! 6a00d83452534069e20120a53db1ed970b-800wi

Shoot Schedule & Filming - A Plan

I'm always surprised at the number of folks who do video shoots forAdam Thumbs Up  business who fail to have a solid shoot schedule in hand and shared with everybody concerned with the effort.  "We'll just wing it." is not a good idea...unless you want to burn through time and money.

Shoot schedules are all about the "who", "what", "where" and "why" of what we're doing that keeps everybody, including talent, on the same page.  From simple things like "who" is going on location, "what" props and equipment are needed, "why" we're doing the Adam with Dossett Family shoot (rational, end game, what we will cover, etc.). 

With a solid planning document that is shared with everybody the shoot moves along much faster, everybody understands their role and...there is no guessing.  And, it allows you to have a little fun at the same time.

Here's a really quick video, shot with my Flip, that revolved around the Remus Family of Kansas that is part of a much larger project.


A shoot schedule goes a long way in helping non-professionals (talent in this case) better understand what we're doing...and what we're asking of them.  Our thanks to the Dossett Family and the Remus Family...on to Ohio, Wisconsin, Georgia...and other places.

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One More Time...

One more time as in... "Lemme see that one more time."  If you've everChild Magnifying Glass  had an ad go out and after it's in print realize that it is missing something or the ad is totally wrong or it's the wrong understand that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach.  Who says we don't have stress in our craft?

Perfect Example

Last week we were about to submit a print ad to a national magazine for our client.  The piece had been looked at by six different people (three client folks and three of us) and the client's marketing manager had issued his final approval.  It came back to me.  Yep, I'm the guy who sends the  Somebody has to take the heat.  That's when I noticed the ad was missing the company logo.  Seriously...that "One more time" moment...caught it. 

Martha Stewart Ad It's Not Just Mid-Size Companies

Even the "big guns" mess it up.  Here is an ad from our friends at Martha Stewart and Everyday Food. (go ahead and click on it to enlarge)  Georgie was flipping through a magazine and the this was the inside front cover (not a cheap placement).  The entire piece talks about a new iPhone App that readers can install but notice that you've got to put down the magazine, go to the computer and type in the App location.

Wouldn't it have been better to place a QR Code on the page so that the person reading simply picks up his or her iPhone and goes "right now" to the App?  I'll bet their conversion rate would have been better.

It's always easier to have "rear-view vision" but...I'll bet the folks that created the ad for Martha charge a whole bunch more than us.  "Lemme see that again...".  Check and then double...triple check not only the content...the the "why" and make it easy on your customers to connect.




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Sunday Morning Coffee...Moved

Once more with a "shoutout".  Our weekly opinion and gossip section, "Sunday Morning Coffee" has moved to it's new location.  Same conversation about business, politics, gossip, sex, know, the stuff that makes you crazy...just a different location.  Thanks to the Des Moines Register for picking up the jump...


Great Idea for a Dangerous Business

Actually the restaurant business isn't dangerous unless you happen to own one.  Statistics tell us that the failure rate of restaurants is one of the highest of all start-ups.  Here's a story that came to me from my friend Steve ShraderBachar who is vacationing in July.  Uhm...  In Steve's words:

Dinner at Aiello's

"The other night we had dinner at Aiello's a great resturant here in Phoenix.  The food was AWESOME, but the reason I am sharing this with you is the marketing aspect. At the table, once the dinner is complete, Aiellos PHX every patron has a chance to have "dinner on the house" Simply pick a number from 1-90 and it if that numbered tile shows up when the owner Joe Aiello comes by with the check, its on the house!

Wow, what a fabulous thought that was. We didn't win, but just the chance to have a $100 dinner paid for is something else! Then to top it off, he took a liking to my 7 year old so much that he offerred her the chance to pick a 2nd number from 1-90 and if we got that, we would get dessert for free. We didn't pick the number correct, but again its just the simple little act like this that has peopleJoe Aiello  talking! 

Thought I would share this with you in your quest for innovative marketing ideas!"

A Thought...

The restaurant business is highly personal.  Notice that Steve says, "when the owner Joe Aiello comes by with the check...".  Everybody wants to know "the boss" and the smart boss checks in with his customers at every chance he can.  No doubt Joe is also listening to what is being said.  And, it's personal. 

Loved the story Steve and thanks for thinking about in the lap of a cool Iowa Summer...not!  But, Phoenix in...July?


So, You Want to Use...Stock Photos?

We do lots of design for our clients.  One of our constant concerns isStock Photos  using stock photos.  While we, and many others in the advertising world, use stock photos...that's just the problem:  You never know WHO ELSE is using your favorite photo for their ad...or their packaging.  So, what is the danger?  (Go ahead and click on the photos to enlarge.)

Let Me Show You Two Examples

Here's something  (Photo upper right) What you are looking at are TWO mailing pieces for two DIFFERENT heating and cooling the same town.  Both have used the same image in their ad...and the really funny thing was both of them arrived in the mail on the same day.  Has you doing a double take huh?  Thanks to Aaron for calling this to our Stock Photos Dog Food attention.

It's Not Just The "Little Guys"

Small businesses are not the only ones who can get caught in this issue.  We ALMOST did five years ago when designing some dog food bags.  We went to the client with all sorts of different "looks".  One of them was...this (L).  We liked the dog and had they pulled the trigger on this look we would have shot our own photos.  And, it's a good thing.  Here's why:  Head into your local Aldi store and check their dog treats and dog food.Stock photos 1   Yep, same image...stock photo for a major retail center across the US.

What's The Fix?

Stock Photos 2 Do original photography.  Sure it is more expensive but we get exactly what we're looking for and the image is...ours.  You never know who is poking around in some stock photography; it could be your competition.

Sometimes you can get away with using stock images...but you (and we) just need to be careful.  Best advice, again, original photos.  You'll thank me for it.




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Let Me Get This...Right

If you've followed our writings over the past several years you knowMan Question  we've said this about Social Media and Business:

  • The ROI of Social Media is not only sales but also brand value and loyality;
  • Social Media is only ONE TOOL in your marketing toolbox.  To expect SM to take the place of traditional marketing is...silly and dangerous.
  • Social Media can help create new consumer awareness...your awareness of...consumers which is really most important.

So why am I telling you this...again?  Because it just popped up on my radar today with this story from SmartBlogs on Social Media"What Dell can teach your company about social media ROI".  It's nice to know they agree with us.

Maybe I need to move to NYC?

"More Than One Tool"

The "Dark Ages"




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Sunday Morning Coffee is HERE!

Several weeks ago we MOVED Sunday Morning Coffee to a new location.  Same commentary on the past week, news, opinion, politics, religion and the stuff that makes ya...nuts.  Today:

  • The People March
  • Living With Michele
  • Doing Good for the JDRF
  • Who's For Business
  • He Did...WHAT?
  • Governor Robert Ray...

Grab a cup and let's chat?  Here, again is that link to this edition of Sunday Morning Coffee.   Have a fantastic...and warm...Sunday! - Michael


Ignore Consumers & Damage Your Brand

Last month I posted a quick idea that will help you better connect with your customers and the general public.  It had to do with updating yourMan Telephone Office  outgoing voice mail message...daily.  There are several reasons this is a smart thing to do:

  • It lets people know you are still alive;
  • It tells people you won't ignore them;
  • It allows you to be creative and show interest.

On the flip side, failing to return calls can create serious damage to your brand.  You can spend all the money in the world promoting your business brand but when you fail at personal fail.

Two weeks ago I made contact, twice, with some huge players in the world of agriculture.  I was not selling anything...but seeking information...simple information on a tip from the US Department of Agriculture.  Not only did I call, I also sent an e-mail.  What did I hear back?

Nothing...and that's the point.

So, what brand image do you think I have of their public relations and media team?  Nope, not going to share who here.  It's after the fact and that would be snarky.  But it is a great lesson:

You're never too big to learn how to polish your brand rather than tarnish it.


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Sunday Morning Coffee & Other Thoughts

Business News, Politics, Gossip, know, the stuff thatCoffee Cu ps  makes you crazy...  Sunday Morning Coffee has moved.  Hope you follow along.

We've decided to keep this blog centered on the world of advertising, marketing & consumer trends.  You know, the stuff that makes you money.  Here we offer up slightly longer posts with our opinion and tips on how you can incorporate them into your business. 

Meanwhile over at Insight on Business News Hour with Michael Libbie Insight-on-business-news-hour is a series of several business and marketing stories we're following with our opinion of how they might work for you.

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