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So, You Want to Use...Stock Photos?

Let Me Get This...Right

If you've followed our writings over the past several years you knowMan Question  we've said this about Social Media and Business:

  • The ROI of Social Media is not only sales but also brand value and loyality;
  • Social Media is only ONE TOOL in your marketing toolbox.  To expect SM to take the place of traditional marketing is...silly and dangerous.
  • Social Media can help create new consumer awareness...your awareness of...consumers which is really most important.

So why am I telling you this...again?  Because it just popped up on my radar today with this story from SmartBlogs on Social Media"What Dell can teach your company about social media ROI".  It's nice to know they agree with us.

Maybe I need to move to NYC?

"More Than One Tool"

The "Dark Ages"




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