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One More Time...

One more time as in... "Lemme see that one more time."  If you've everChild Magnifying Glass  had an ad go out and after it's in print realize that it is missing something or the ad is totally wrong or it's the wrong understand that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach.  Who says we don't have stress in our craft?

Perfect Example

Last week we were about to submit a print ad to a national magazine for our client.  The piece had been looked at by six different people (three client folks and three of us) and the client's marketing manager had issued his final approval.  It came back to me.  Yep, I'm the guy who sends the  Somebody has to take the heat.  That's when I noticed the ad was missing the company logo.  Seriously...that "One more time" moment...caught it. 

Martha Stewart Ad It's Not Just Mid-Size Companies

Even the "big guns" mess it up.  Here is an ad from our friends at Martha Stewart and Everyday Food. (go ahead and click on it to enlarge)  Georgie was flipping through a magazine and the this was the inside front cover (not a cheap placement).  The entire piece talks about a new iPhone App that readers can install but notice that you've got to put down the magazine, go to the computer and type in the App location.

Wouldn't it have been better to place a QR Code on the page so that the person reading simply picks up his or her iPhone and goes "right now" to the App?  I'll bet their conversion rate would have been better.

It's always easier to have "rear-view vision" but...I'll bet the folks that created the ad for Martha charge a whole bunch more than us.  "Lemme see that again...".  Check and then double...triple check not only the content...the the "why" and make it easy on your customers to connect.




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