Let Me Get This...Right
Great Idea for a Dangerous Business

So, You Want to Use...Stock Photos?

We do lots of design for our clients.  One of our constant concerns isStock Photos  using stock photos.  While we, and many others in the advertising world, use stock photos...that's just the problem:  You never know WHO ELSE is using your favorite photo for their ad...or their packaging.  So, what is the danger?  (Go ahead and click on the photos to enlarge.)

Let Me Show You Two Examples

Here's something from...today.  (Photo upper right) What you are looking at are TWO mailing pieces for two DIFFERENT heating and cooling companies...in the same town.  Both have used the same image in their ad...and the really funny thing was both of them arrived in the mail on the same day.  Has you doing a double take huh?  Thanks to Aaron for calling this to our Stock Photos Dog Food attention.

It's Not Just The "Little Guys"

Small businesses are not the only ones who can get caught in this issue.  We ALMOST did five years ago when designing some dog food bags.  We went to the client with all sorts of different "looks".  One of them was...this (L).  We liked the dog and had they pulled the trigger on this look we would have shot our own photos.  And, it's a good thing.  Here's why:  Head into your local Aldi store and check their dog treats and dog food.Stock photos 1   Yep, same image...stock photo for a major retail center across the US.

What's The Fix?

Stock Photos 2 Do original photography.  Sure it is more expensive but we get exactly what we're looking for and the image is...ours.  You never know who is poking around in some stock photography; it could be your competition.

Sometimes you can get away with using stock images...but you (and we) just need to be careful.  Best advice, again, original photos.  You'll thank me for it.




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