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Iowa Corn and...Football?

Creating marketing and advertising material from print to video is what we do...for a living.  We don't make another blasted thing.  But, if aCyhawk trophy new  company is really interested in selling what they make...they often hire an advertising agency.  So, why am I starting out with this shameless self plug?

Because we know advertising and marketing and we know when something just ain't right but nobody is going to say anything because of the money involved.

Enter Iowa Corn Growers and Football

This week at the Iowa State Fair the folks from the Corn Board (for those of you living outside of Iowa...hang in there with us...we honestly have a corn board.) gave the public a look at the new Cy-Hawk Trophy.  The trophy which is given to the winning team following the renewed Iowa State vs. University of Iowa football contest.

Trouble is...folks hate it.

Cy-hawk_trophy old As ESPN suggested, "Frankly, it looks like something grandma might pick up at a flea market."  (Here's a photo of the OLD Cy-Hawk Trophy...with a football and a player holding

We agree that the old trophy needed some updating.  But those of you that hate the new "trophy" just don't get it.  This isn't about football, silly.  This is about promoting Iowa's cash crop...corn.  And it's about naming rights and money to schools and...everything other

So settle down and save it until the Floyd of Rosedale trophy is recreated with money from the Pork Board (yes...we have one of those too) into a huge hog confinement building.  Or the Soybean Board (yep) gets into the act and buys rights to have all our basket balls  Or was that John Deere?

Weary...just weary.