QR Codes - Part Two
Iowa Corn and...Football?

Cowboy Chic & QR Codes Part II

Last week I posted a video about using QR Codes.  If you missed it, just follow this link or activate the QR Code to the right.  Today I thought youQR Code Video  might be interested in WHO is clicking through to QR Codes, WHERE they are picking them up and WHAT they are looking at.

Studies We Love Studies...

Our friends at comScore did a survey this past June and looked at thousands of QR Code users.  They found that 14 million people activated Bar or QR Codes during the month.  The users tend to be male (60.5%) between the ages of 18 - 34 (53.4%) and have a household income of $100,000+.  Not a bad group to connect with.

Where they found their codes was equally interesting.  The most scanned locations were magazines and newspapers (49%), product packaging (35%) and websites via a PC (27%).  Most users scan the codes from home (58%), retail centers (39%) and grocery stores (25%).

The Future

It's true that 14 million people isn't a large number and we were a bit surprised that grocery stores came in so low.  However, given the gender and age demographics we get it.  Look for these numbers to climb as more and more products/services better understand how to properly use QR or Bar Codes and consumers become more savvy.  Two words:  Mobile Website...critical factor.

State Fair Boots Cowboy Chic - Consumer Trend?

Maybe it's the Iowa State Fair or maybe it's a trend.  While at the fair last week, and this, we've seen an abundance of women of all ages sporting boots with...dresses and shorts.  What's surprising about this is it's been across all demographics.  Rural vs. Urban, Young vs. Older, Tribal Prints vs. Plaids...  Just thought we'd bring your attention to something we think might be coming back.  Oh...and to add to this.  Business is up at fair based cowboy clothing and boot companies.  We think something to watch.  And, I'm thinking we'll have to do much more...research.

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