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Package Design - Team Effort

Over the years we've created dozens of package designs for variousSpotGone Web  products.  Pictured here is something we named SpotGone! a natural product that eliminates pet spots from lawns.  We did this design three years ago.  

Recently we've started work on five new designs for our client NatraTurf.  I'd love to show you all of them...but some things need to be quiet so they can roll out the products to the lawn and garden industry this fall.

But, we'll give you a peek and an early design...and a little "back story".

Triplicity final aug 1_5-001 When we enter into a design phase it doesn't start out the way we like it...or the way the client likes it.  We create package design based on what the consumer likes.  And, that's the tough part.  It's all based on hours of research into "who" is motivated by a particular niche.  In this case it's organic/natural lawn and garden products...a multi-billion dollar industry.  Our research into buying habits and interviews with consumers helped us create what you see here.  Colorful, simple and, yes, geared toward a female consumer who trend high in the organic/natural market.

Once we get into the consumer mindset it's off to writing and design.  Here an entire team and the client become involved in the creative.  But, at the end of the day...it's all consumer focused.  Not based on guessing...but on knowledge.  And, that's the key.

What motivates your buying decisions?  What packaging really catches your eye?  As always, we're interested in what you've got to say.

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