Sunday Morning Coffee - August 14, 2011
Cowboy Chic & QR Codes Part II

QR Codes - Part Two

There has been a discussion over on LinkedIn about QR Codes, "Fad or Here to Stay?".  Last week I shared this video (you can click on the link or activate the QR Code) about how some folks areQR Code Video  using the technology...and offered up a several tips to improve usage.

This morning I read the results of a new survey from comScore that tells us 14 million consumers scanned QR Codes or Bar Codes, using a smart-phone, this past June.  That's roughly 6.2% of the total mobile phone population in the United States. 

The report also says these "code scanners" tend to be male (60.5%) and ages 18 - 34 (53.4%) with a household income of $100,000+ (36.1%).  Look for all of these stats to adjust as more consumers and and manufacturers/products up their use of QR.

What Are They Scanning?

This is interesting:  Leading the pack is magazines and newspapers with about 49% of the scanned images coming from them.  Next is product packaging at 35% and websites on PC's at 27%..  Most are scanned from home (58%) from a retail store 39% or a grocery store (25%).

I wonder if it would be cool for a restaurant to put a "table-tent" out with a QR Code and have the chef show you the special of the day?   Could be done with video in less than sixty seconds...hmmm. 

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