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Social Media ROI

One of the biggest perplexing questions most business people have isMan Question  the ROI of social media.  Our answer to the concern is that the return for not using social media correctly to engage consumers is a huge mistake.  We also have said the real ROI of social media is in...sales

Sure branding is important, so is consumer loyalty and so is all the information you can gather about consumer trends.  But, at the end of the day, most business people want...sales.  So, here is a sales story tied directly to social media.

Last week one of our clients attended a major sales event for a distributing company.  It was held in a motel conference room where buyers  listened to pitch after pitch from sellers...for twelve hours.  By the time our client got in front of the group of "middle-aged men" it was afternoon and the room was a little...."tired".  Our client made the pitch, showed off the product and talked about retail support the company is willing to give.  The buyers listened, said some nice things and dismissed them.

QR Code Video Then...just as they were leaving the room, they heard our spokesperson's voice from a "how-to" video.  The video can only be accessed through the use of a QR Code which is part of the point of purchase display we built for them.  Someone in the room said, "Wow, this is neat!".  Other buyers then started accessing the additional videos by activating the QR Codes on their smart phones.  They waved our client back into the room and wanted to know more about the technology, products and retail support.

In the end they placed a number of orders.

What might have happened if they had not used this social media component?  If sales are the real ROI of social media...are you there yet?