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Do It Yourself Marketing - A Story

I was visiting with a colleague this morning about one of his agency  accounts.  My friend has been trying to get his client to see the value in paying attention to selling his products vs. trying to handle all the marketing/advertising, store management, sales training, and actual  selling.

Good luck...

It's not that this business person "knows" marketing/advertising it'sSign Quitting Business  just that he doesn't understand the "value" a proper advertising campaign can have on his business.  When you don't understand the value of something it's easy to dismiss it and "think" you can do it... yourself.

The world of marketing/advertising is a craft that has many components.  We've got to know the product/service, the market, the potential market, how to reach various silos of consumers, what key words and images motivate the market segment (you do know that different consumers react positively or negatively to various campaign themes...) calculate the cost/benefit of various media outlets and do they mesh with our client.  Then it's our job to create the best print, television, radio, Internet or social media campaign to match the consumer interest, shock the consumer into noticing or motivate the consumer to buy. 

It's a craft.  Like he said to me on the phone, "Michael, I've told him that I don't know squat about how to make what he sells but I do know how to motivate consumers to buy."

I feel your pain my friend.  Maybe the best thing to do is to let him do his own marketing/advertising.  Let him juggle his job and your craft and when the Going Out of Business Sale happens...grab a bargain.

Weary...sometimes...we get very weary.

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