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Do It Yourself Marketing - A Story

I was visiting with a colleague this morning about one of his agency  accounts.  My friend has been trying to get his client to see the value in paying attention to selling his products vs. trying to handle all the marketing/advertising, store management, sales training, and actual  selling.

Good luck...

It's not that this business person "knows" marketing/advertising it'sSign Quitting Business  just that he doesn't understand the "value" a proper advertising campaign can have on his business.  When you don't understand the value of something it's easy to dismiss it and "think" you can do it... yourself.

The world of marketing/advertising is a craft that has many components.  We've got to know the product/service, the market, the potential market, how to reach various silos of consumers, what key words and images motivate the market segment (you do know that different consumers react positively or negatively to various campaign themes...) calculate the cost/benefit of various media outlets and do they mesh with our client.  Then it's our job to create the best print, television, radio, Internet or social media campaign to match the consumer interest, shock the consumer into noticing or motivate the consumer to buy. 

It's a craft.  Like he said to me on the phone, "Michael, I've told him that I don't know squat about how to make what he sells but I do know how to motivate consumers to buy."

I feel your pain my friend.  Maybe the best thing to do is to let him do his own marketing/advertising.  Let him juggle his job and your craft and when the Going Out of Business Sale happens...grab a bargain.

Weary...sometimes...we get very weary.

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Making New Friends...

On of the realities of a successful campaign is creating/expanding relationships with people who can help the public better understand your product/service.  The key word in that sentence is "relationships".  This is not about using people to foster your message; it is about makingRich Fee and Craig Web  friends and having a deep conversation about...each other.

Here's a photo of Craig Dick (left) from Calcium Products, Inc. visiting with Rich Fee the Crops and Soils Editor from Successful Farming.  Not only was Rich, who has an amazingly busy schedule, willing to take some time to visit...he took time to get to know us and we...him.  Two hours later we all had a better understanding of each other and the product/service.

We made a new friend and that was the most valuable part of the day.  Your tip:  Don't just use the media when you want them.  Engage them as people who are doing a job but also as folks who, just like you, like to have friends.  That means you don't just think of them when you need something.  It's now a relationship.

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Know When to "Fold 'Em".

Change in advertising and marketing direction means listening to the consumer...first.  That's exactly what Burger King did when they retired the often "Creepy King" and hired a new agency to help them re-brand their product.

We think it is their new ad.  I'll share with you why this works so well...after the view.


The consumer is more in tune with food and food quality; this ad connects with that reality.  And, that's not just me talking.  A recent article in Advertising Age tells us this first look is scoring high...and the brand perception among consumers ticked up ten points in just 48 hours.

Your Tip

Some companies will change their marketing/branding direction because a new person is named VP of Marketing and he/she wants to make their mark.  That is the worst reason for change.  Then there are stories like this where the brand is "tired" or "creepy" and nearly anything the company does is a positive.

Finally there is change because the market and the consumers demand it.  That's part of this message, for your business to be able to know what the demand is...ahead of the wave is critical to making the right choice.  Pay attention.

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Zero Moment of Truth...Told Ya.

I really love it when we're ahead of the curve.  Recently the marketingMan Exclaim  world has been buzzing about the Google e-book Zero Moment of Truth.  (ZMOT - Hold on...let me just get a couple of thoughts in and you can go.)  In a nutshell ZMOT happens millions of times each day.  It is when a consumer wants information on a product or service, makes a decision to buy a product or service or wishes to share their experience about your product or service.  The question is, "Are you ready for that zero moment of truth"?

For well over four years we'll been saying the same things...but without a snappy title like ZMOT.  Here are the high points:

We love it when we're ahead of the curve...  Did we hit them all?  Nope but this e-book that you must download now will help you figure it out.  Are you ready when you face the Zero Moment of Truth

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Measuring Social Media - Who, What, Where & Why

For years part of my job has been to share with business owners andSocial Media Images  managers across the country the impact social media can have on their product/service.  It's not an easy sell because most folks can't grasp the who, what, where and why of this form of marketing/connecting.

Now our friends at Nielsen Research (think television audience measurement) have released an in depth study of who is connecting, why they are connecting and their habits.  Several key results:

  • Women - Use social networking more than men;
  • Blogs - Still a favorite tool to expand your "voice";
  • Men - Watch on-line video...longer
  • Platforms - Who is using what platform...and what has Asia got to do with it?

It takes a little time to digest all the information...but well worth it for any business.  Have a look.  Remember, the best ROI is engaging your customers...failing to do so can be a disaster.  But it all takes, work. 

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