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Making New Friends...

Know When to "Fold 'Em".

Change in advertising and marketing direction means listening to the consumer...first.  That's exactly what Burger King did when they retired the often "Creepy King" and hired a new agency to help them re-brand their product.

We think it is their new ad.  I'll share with you why this works so well...after the view.


The consumer is more in tune with food and food quality; this ad connects with that reality.  And, that's not just me talking.  A recent article in Advertising Age tells us this first look is scoring high...and the brand perception among consumers ticked up ten points in just 48 hours.

Your Tip

Some companies will change their marketing/branding direction because a new person is named VP of Marketing and he/she wants to make their mark.  That is the worst reason for change.  Then there are stories like this where the brand is "tired" or "creepy" and nearly anything the company does is a positive.

Finally there is change because the market and the consumers demand it.  That's part of this message, for your business to be able to know what the demand is...ahead of the wave is critical to making the right choice.  Pay attention.

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