Know When to "Fold 'Em".
Do It Yourself Marketing - A Story

Making New Friends...

On of the realities of a successful campaign is creating/expanding relationships with people who can help the public better understand your product/service.  The key word in that sentence is "relationships".  This is not about using people to foster your message; it is about makingRich Fee and Craig Web  friends and having a deep conversation about...each other.

Here's a photo of Craig Dick (left) from Calcium Products, Inc. visiting with Rich Fee the Crops and Soils Editor from Successful Farming.  Not only was Rich, who has an amazingly busy schedule, willing to take some time to visit...he took time to get to know us and we...him.  Two hours later we all had a better understanding of each other and the product/service.

We made a new friend and that was the most valuable part of the day.  Your tip:  Don't just use the media when you want them.  Engage them as people who are doing a job but also as folks who, just like you, like to have friends.  That means you don't just think of them when you need something.  It's now a relationship.

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