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Measuring Social Media - Who, What, Where & Why

For years part of my job has been to share with business owners andSocial Media Images  managers across the country the impact social media can have on their product/service.  It's not an easy sell because most folks can't grasp the who, what, where and why of this form of marketing/connecting.

Now our friends at Nielsen Research (think television audience measurement) have released an in depth study of who is connecting, why they are connecting and their habits.  Several key results:

  • Women - Use social networking more than men;
  • Blogs - Still a favorite tool to expand your "voice";
  • Men - Watch on-line video...longer
  • Platforms - Who is using what platform...and what has Asia got to do with it?

It takes a little time to digest all the information...but well worth it for any business.  Have a look.  Remember, the best ROI is engaging your customers...failing to do so can be a disaster.  But it all takes, work. 

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