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Zero Moment of Truth...Told Ya.

I really love it when we're ahead of the curve.  Recently the marketingMan Exclaim  world has been buzzing about the Google e-book Zero Moment of Truth.  (ZMOT - Hold on...let me just get a couple of thoughts in and you can go.)  In a nutshell ZMOT happens millions of times each day.  It is when a consumer wants information on a product or service, makes a decision to buy a product or service or wishes to share their experience about your product or service.  The question is, "Are you ready for that zero moment of truth"?

For well over four years we'll been saying the same things...but without a snappy title like ZMOT.  Here are the high points:

We love it when we're ahead of the curve...  Did we hit them all?  Nope but this e-book that you must download now will help you figure it out.  Are you ready when you face the Zero Moment of Truth

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