Do It Yourself Marketing - A Story
Thinking Ahead...

Being Stickey Might Get You...Stuck

For years marketers have preached "stickiness" as one of theMan Sticky Notes  measurements of having a successful web presence.  "If we could just get people to stick around longer perhaps they will be more motivated to buy our self-weasel-winding torque inducer!"

And so we would create all kinds of do-dads to entertain, inform and build up the amount of time a visitor would "stick around" the website. 

That day may be...over.  And, what is worse, being sticky might get you stuck in the back of the pack.  Why?


In a recent study by Summus Limited reported by Alexandra Carroll it's suggested that mobile users access web applications more often but at shorter duration.  (Which also begs the do have a mobile site...right?)  Frequency, rather than "sticky" might very well be the new measurement.  However, this creates another issue:

What's New That Will Drive People Back?

We've said for years that static sites that are not or never upgraded take a beating when it comes to SEO...but now if there is nothing new, different, unique or entertaining you might also get pushed to the back of the pack.

Our answer to that continues to be relavant information, specific to the demographic that engages an on-going dialogue...the new "sticky".

What do you think?