Take A Break...Have Some Coffee

Getting The MOST Out of Twitter

Time to ramp up your Twitter account?  Here's a couple of quick and easyTwitter-bird things to remember that will help set you apart and build a loyal following of friends...and potential customers:

  • Be...YOU - Write the way you talk and interact with people when you're with them in person. You're not "selling" 24/7 so why change when you work your tweets?
  • Post Often - One of the things I'll often do is check the frequency of tweets.  When a business tweets two or three times a week you've got to wonder if they are serious about using this form of marketing.
  • Listen- Use the "search" on Twitter to see what people in your neck of the woods are talking about.  For example searching out "Des Moines" put you in touch with folks talking about our city.
  • Break Up The Day - I visit Twitter several times during the day for ten to fifteen minutes each.  Posting only in the morning or only in the afternoon means you'll miss a bunch.
  • Respond - When somebody re-tweets something you wrote say, "Thank you." it helps and it's good manners.
  • Speaking of Mannners - When somebody tweets something "nice" about you or your business it's rude to ignore the tweet.  If someone, "in real life" says something nice to you...do you ignore it or say, "Thank you!".  Same here kids.
  • Post...Stuff- Photos, links to your video, link to your business blog.  Give your fellow Tweeps a place to go.
  • Be Nice - Remember it's your business.  Twitter isn't the place for ongoing rants.
  • 80/20 Rule - Because social media is about relationship building we've followed this rule for years. 80% of our Tweets are about building a voice, a relationship.  It even works for news if you work it well. And if we must sell that's 20% of the Tweets.

Have fun, get to know folks and build your business.  It works.  Should you want to leave a comment here...feel free.  Or let's connect on Twitter @InsightADV (business) or @MichaelLibbie (personal) for the Business News Hour we're @IoB_NewsHour and here is our advertising agency Facebook Page.  Have a super day!