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Good Enough for Heinz

Coming to you on November 14th will be a new ketchup flavor from ourHeinzLogo friends at Heinz.  But, you won't be able to pick it up at your grocery store...for awhile.

Heinz announced this week that their new ketchup formula, which replaces traditional white vinegar with balsamic vinegar, will only be available on...Facebook.  Yep consumers won't find the new ketchup in their supermarkets until late December and until then the only outlet will be on social media.  Why this is such a big deal and why YOU should pay attention:

  • Major Brand Influence - The "Big Guns" have been flirting with Facebook for a very long time.  This new product launch will up the value of creative going social.
  • Data, Data, Data - By using Facebook Heinz will be able to capture data on a wide variety of individuals buyers...and non-buyers.  On-line sales have aways been able to capture sales data...but this time Heinz gets to have a relationship with non-buyers for future campaigns.
  • Viral Messaging - This is a brilliant PR move.  Take a product like ketchup and alter the recipe a tiny bit.  No big deal.  BUT, take it to social media and folks talk about it.
  • Start With Your Base - Heinz already has 825,000 fans on Facebook so why not launch to your most "friendly" base?
  • Make It Special - In this case Heinz is labeling this "new" product as a "limited edition" until March.  

The bottom line for you:  While you may not have the advertising dollars and marketing ability of Heinz you already have "loyal fans" and consumers on Facebook...and off.  The next time you launch a special Heinz Pkg useprice, a new product, a special event, START with your loyalists and give them a reason to tell somebody else.

One other ketchup detail.  Remember when I "discovered" the new "Dip & Squeeze" single serving packet on a filming in Georgia?  Single servings have NOT been available to consumers outside of fast-food facilities.  That is about to change.  You'll be able to buy ten of these single serve packages for, ready? $2.00... it! 




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