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Posting For Profit

Somebody told business that when you have people comment on wellMan Reading Newspaper read posts it will improve the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your site.  You know, the more you are "out there" the easier it is to be found.  In other words don't do any work on your own...just "piggy-back" on others.  We get loads of phony comments all the time.  For example:

Last week on a post I wrote back in 2008, "Building a Brand Within A Brand" which was about the success of the Fastsigns franchise in Clive a "Rebecca Hurst" wrote, "Great post! I am looking for a good company to make some signs for me. I'll be sure to check you out!"  Trouble is..."Rebecca" is really a sign company in Florida.  She was kind enough to include her URL.

On a short post I wrote in January about broadcast TV failing to carry the entire memorial in Tucson we get this from "Montclair": "I find life an exciting business, The point is succinctness of expression."  Uhmmm...What the heck does that mean?  Then of course he/she leaves their URL.

It happens all the time and usually I delete the comments and report it as spam.  The other day I posted on Twitter: "We love it when deadbeats comment on our agency blog postings and do an ad for themselves. Ain't SEO...amazing? Say..bye, bye."

That prompted my friend (another) Rebecca to ask what the heck I was talking about:Screen shot 3

The problem with 140 characters is that I couldn't explain it...well but promised to address the issue, here.

When companies attempt to improve their "ranking" or SEO by attaching goofy comments to blogs it' and it makes your company cheap and it's swarmy.  Yep, that's it...Swarmy!

Of course folks will continue to do this and we'll continue to delete and report the spam. 

It's all in a days adventure.  And, Rebecca:  Good luck with the dogs...and yes, wearing lipstick rather than flavored chapstick does raise your maturity level. ;-)

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