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Thinking About ThincIowa...

So what might happen IF some start-up business folks mingled with someThincIowa established "corporate types"?  That's the big question that led to ThincIowa a production from our friends at Silicon Prairie News...who also bring Big Omaha to Nebraska.

Stay with me on this...because it's important that you start to understand the "parallel universe" that exists here or wherever you live.

Not long ago I addressed the American Institute of Architects - Iowa Chapter about business start-ups and social media.  I asked them to raise their hands if they had ever heard of Dwolla, FlareCaster or Vimeo. hands went up.  After I explained to them what each was and asked if they thought these, and others, were good ideas...everybody said..."Yes!".

That is part of ThincIowa and why it's important for folks who have a start-up idea...and for those who are in established corporations to get together and learn from each other.  Believe me, I've spent years working with corporate leaders who...just like my architect friends...have little knowledge of the start-up community. Same goes...the other way.  Maybe it's time to learn about our common ground.

It's time we talk and, together, build and re-build the entrepreneurial society that employs people and brings us all a better quality of life.  ThincIowa kicks off Thursday evening at the Des Moines Social Club and goes all day on Friday at the Temple for Performing Arts.  You can learn more and/or sign up!

You in?




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