Being Stickey Might Get You...Stuck
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Thinking Ahead...

Time...either you have it or you don't.  In advertising and marketing everything takes time.  We're just putting the wraps on a major campaign for a client...we've been working on this for nearly two months.  Not everyday...but several times a week.

Then comes the day when you get ready to roll out the print, video, PRJune 1 YIKES  and electronic.  Is everybody on the same page? Have we thought of everything?  WHAT???  Changes? 

It happens and that's why we like to give ourselves some cushion...a little time to get things put together.  In the end everything seems to move like lightening...but getting to this point, takes time.

So tell much time do you put into thinking, creating and then launching your campaign?  Love to know.

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