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Agriculture & Rural Lifestyle

Our advertising agency has had, for years, a focus on agriculture and the rural lifestyle.  That doesn't mean we've not assisted urban based companies with branding, marketing and advertising...it's just that we get a kick out of talking...farm.  Here we are in Illinois:


Over the past several months we've been on a major video project for a client based in Kentucky.  We've traveled to farms in Georgia, Kansas, Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin and Ohio and at each location we've met some of the best people in the world....farmers.  Folks who produce food and fuel for the rest of the world.  Some shots from Central Iowa:


Some of our new friends farm thousands of acres...some just a few hundred.  They all share a concern over the environment, the rapid advancement of technology and what the future of their industry will look like in the next ten to twenty years.  When you think about it...that's much the same as your concerns.  And our friend Bart from Georgia:


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