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Are You Connecting With People?

We know a bunch of companies who put together "newsletters" thatNewsletter cartoon contain lots of self promotion but very little "news".  We're not sure that is what consumers are wanting.  We think your business should take a more active role in promoting the "people side" of the business rather than overt marketing of stuff.  Maybe hit it 75/25 with people being on the larger end.  Wanna know how?

Share The Back Story

Max Production Room Feb 24 2011We think consumer are interested in what goes on "behind the scenes".  It's one of the reasons that "blooper reels" continue to be a hit.  To get to this point you have to be very comfortable with your brand and not afraid to poke a little fun at yourself.  Maybe turn part of your "newsletter" into a video format and follow a product from the warehouse to the consumer.  Maybe interview the folks that work "in the back" and have them tell their story.  The goal here is to become real to the consumer.  Here's Max working the production of one of our shows.

Don't Push...Ask

It is very subtle but it works.  Rather than blowing up about your new product/service you might begin the "conversation" by saying, "We've been asked to carry/offer this product/service by many of our customers...and the customers of our competition.  We listened and want to share the story."  Or you could simply say, "Its new because of you.  Wanna see?"

Pictures Are Great - Video is Better

Consumers LOVE video and with todays technology creating short, interesting pieces about your product/service is easy, quick and effective...if done right.  If you are sending out an e-newsletter consider making part of it with a short video.  You can introduce a new product/service, new employee even a short testimonial from a very satisfied customer. It...works.  But, even if you can't yet master the video...at least use tons of photos.  Here, let me show you....


But, What About The News?

OK...if you've really...really got some hot news make sure you get thatNews Typewriter in but make sure you headline it correctly.  Even headlines can become "personal".  Instead of saying "We've Moved" why not write, "We're Exhausted...But Happy!".  It gives the reader a reason to find out...more and it's not just about brick and mortar.  Just about any piece of "news" can be handled with more personality.

Four solid tips to turn your "newsletter" into something people really want to read.  If you want a "real world" example try picking up a Trader Joe's Newsletter.  Bingo.  If you would like to connect feel free to leave a comment here or we can connect on Twitter @InsightADV or our advertising agency Facebook Page is right here.

Thanks for reading/watching! - Michael